Genevieve Piturro

Genevieve Piturro

Speaker: Genevieve Piturro

Founder/Executive Director the Pajama Program


  • Your Dreams CAN Come True
  • Jumping off the Corporate Ladder
  • Unlimitedness

Genevieve’s entrepreneurial spirit was fueled by her earlier company, Genevieve Unlimited, which she created in 1993 to service entertainment companies in their efforts to gain a competitive edge in the world of promotion. A Yonkers, New York native, Genevieve received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from New York City’s Fordham University.

For many underprivileged children, nighttime often means a hard end to an equally hard day. Many go to bed wearing their street clothes…or wearing nothing at all. Genevieve Piturro, reflected on her experience volunteering in numerous shelters across New York city, where she learned of the number of forgotten children in the United States and around the world who are waiting to be adopted. These youngsters have no one to read them a bedtime story, no pajamas to sleep in and no one to tuck them into a cozy bed at night. This experience inspired her to establish the Pajama Program and since its founding in 2001, more than 70 Pajama Program Chapters have been established throughout the United States providing new pajamas and new books to children. The Pajama Program has sent pajamas to needy children in countries around the world including Armenia, Bosnia, Brazil, Columbia and Greece.

In 2005 the program established the first of three Reading Centers in Westchester County, NY to provide a safe haven for children to read or to be read to and to receive a new pair of warm pajamas and a book to keep. Since 2001 the Pajama Program has provided more than 210,000 pairs of pajamas and 110,000 books to children in need.

Your Dreams CAN Come True

Jumping off the Corporate Ladder


Passion for your Work and How that Fuels You and Others Every Day

If You Build It, It Will Come

Packaging Compassion and Passion

Taking your AHA Moment and Changing your life …and the lives of Others

Starting a Non-Profit

What the Children Mean to the World

How Something so Simple like Pajamas and a Book Translates into a Message of Love for Children Without Families

The Importance of Reading/Literacy

Changing a Life


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