Jones Loflin

Jones Loflin

Speaker: Jones Loflin

Co-Author of the award-winning book, Juggling Elephants, successful educator, business owner, and speaker.

General Topics:

  • Juggling Elephants-Be The Ringmaster Of Your Work and Life
  • Getting The Blue Ribbon- Award Winning Results Don’t Come Naturally!
  • DEALing With Change
  • We’re Here… Now What?

Education Speech Topics Include:

  • Why Build A Birdhouse?
  • A New Year Begins… So What?
  • Avoiding Burnout/Stress Reduction

Drawing on skills honed as an educator, business owner, and speaker, Jones has created and conducted training programs for groups ranging from international corporations and trade associations to governmental agencies and educational institutions. Jones’ insightful programs make an impact instead of an impression because they regularly include the use of humor, powerful examples and frequent audience involvement and interaction. His client list includes Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Bayer Health Care, US Airways, Siemens International, Arrow Shirt, The Air Force and a host of other international business and education-related organizations.

Jones is co-author of the award-winning book, Juggling Elephants, which is available in the US and in over 12 foreign countries. He is the author of Prime Rib or Potted Meat?, a humorous and thought-provoking collection of his ideas on getting more out of life. Jones is also a member of the American Society of Training and Development and National Speakers Association.

Jones also worked extensively as a speaker for the best-selling book, Who Moved My Cheese? In addition to delivering the program both nationally and internationally, he has trained individuals from over 14 different countries to take this powerful learning experience to their own organizations.

Juggling Elephants-Be The Ringmaster Of Your Work and Life

In this 45-75 minute presentation, Jones offers keen insight on how we seem to be constantly struggling with too much to do. He offers the timely solution of using the blueprint of a circus to help your people get more of the things done that are important to them and your organization. In this humorous and thought-provoking message, Jones shares five key strategies based on concepts in the book, including:

  • Better prioritizing what needs to get done so not everything is a “crisis”
  • Taking more conscious control of your time and energy
  • Creating a concrete plan to transform ideas and goals into part of your daily tasks and activities
  • Improving your relationships with others to increase their engagement on what is most important to you and the organization
  • Discovering ways to sustain productivty in today’s “always on” work environment

Getting The Blue Ribbon- Award Winning Results Don’t Come Naturally!

Ever feel like you spend your day rushing from one thing to another and rarely do anything well? Struggling to accomplish what would really accelerate your results at work and in your personal endeavors? Maybe it’s time you set your sights on a blue ribbon. In this humorous and thought-provoking message built around lessons from nature, Jones offers 4 practical tools to use to insure that what needs to get done gets done-and done well.

Topics addressed include:

  • Identifying new skills, attitudes or behaviors you need to “graft” into your life or work routine to achieve greater success
  • Creating an environment where the right things “grow”
  • “Pruning” those areas that are growing out of control
  • “Harvesting” success when you achieve your blue ribbon


DEALing With Change

Let’s face it.  The response to change is the single biggest factor in determining the success of today’s organizations.  Using humor and relevant examples from both the business world and our daily lives, Jones provides simple strategies to insure that no organization (or the individuals in it) are paralyzed by change. After the program, expect…

  • Individuals to see the value of choosing action over inaction
  • Organization leaders to be equipped to adjust the processes and direction of the organization more effectively based on the change messages that exist
  • Solutions will be developed that engage the energy of people who have different perspectives on change
  • Your people to develop a picture of the future that is energizing instead of paralyzing


We’re Here… Now What?

Your staff or association members have arrived and are ready to begin another meeting or corporate retreat. But are they focused on improving their professional skills and their individual performance? Using witty examples and a high-energy style, Jones assists individuals in embracing the need to make the most of their time away from their normal routine.

Education Speech Topics Include:

Why Build A Birdhouse?

Dubbed by audiences as a “breath of fresh air” to teachers, administrators or others involved in the education process, this hilarious and thought-provoking message will refuel the audience’s enthusiasm for education and for life. Topics addressed include:

  • Affirming the impact of their efforts on students, colleagues and the community
  • Recognizing the need to balance professional and personal roles
  • Striving for excellence instead of mediocrity


A New Year Begins… So What?

Ah yes, shiny hallways, clean rooms and a new school year. Teachers are motivated and the students are eager to learn. Unfortunately, all that positive energy will disappear by the third or fourth day of school, if that long. In this humorous and engaging presentation, Jones provides simple strategies to:

  • Maintain focus as the intensity of the school year increases
  • Create a positive attitude that focuses on solutions instead of problems
  • Develop relationships with others that serve as a source of strength in difficult times
  • Keep their role as educator in perspective with other roles in their life


Avoiding Burnout/Stress Reduction

Has teaching become a necessary evil in the lives of your educators? Something that simply seems to conflict with their personal endeavors? Perhaps they have just given so much to teaching but feel like they get so little in return. Whatever their situation, this solution is for them. Expect participants to leave this program with improved professional and personal focus as they take a humorous and thought-provoking look at their own internal obstacles to being their best both in and out of the classroom. Excellent inservice activity for teachers who have been teaching 3 weeks or 30 years.


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