Scott Cervine

Scott Cervine

Speaker: Scott Cervine

Entertainer and Magician


  • Comedy and Magic

Scott Cervine started acting at the age of three when he played baby Jesus in a nativity scene. At the time he didn’t think it was “cool” to be a baby; but he agreed after being told he could be a puppy if he would just lie still in the manger. The ploy worked well until the middle of the performance when baby Jesus began to bark. “At least I made an impression.”

Since then he has worked on stage, in film and television for the past twenty years. At age fifteen he auditioned for, and was accepted as, an apprentice at the world-renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood. As a magician he has appeared (and disappeared) in eight countries and on all three broadcast networks. Keep your eyes open because you’ll also see Scott on screen at Universal Studios; MTV; and guest starring in “Attention Magie” in Paris; “Magia, Humor y Fantasia” in Madrid; and in the award-winning films: “Wheel of Fortune,” “Holy Water,” and “Star Dumb.”

In 1993, Scott and friend Craig Thomas created “XTV,” a multimedia show incorporating video, film and live performance. Robert Kholer of the Los Angeles Times had this to say: “Cervine’s breadth of comedy is fearsomely great. He has such a strongly developed personal comedic sense.– and in multi-media yet — that he’s bound to be an irresistible force.”

While Scott has been the actor/writer/director before, “Never Alone” is his first feature length project, and he sees it as a way to utilize all his skills, experience and enthusiasm.

Personally, Scott feels that each of his experiences has been an important, integral part of his growth. Filmmaking, though, has allowed him an extraordinarily sharp sense of purpose in which all aspects of his life have become fulfilled. “That’s how I feel about this intriguing adventure called filmmaking; I feel at home!”

Comedy and Magic


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