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Graham Kerr

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Born in London, England, in 1934, Graham grew up around some of Europe’s finest chefs. He began working for his parents, who were well-established hoteliers, at an early age. His formal training began at age 15, when he became a manager-trainee at the nationally acclaimed Roebuck Hotel in Ashdown Forest. He spent five years in the British Army, serving as catering adviser with a captain’s rank, before returning to the hotel business to become General Manager of the Royal Ascot Hotel.

In 1955, Graham married Treena van Doorn, his childhood sweetheart and a well-regarded British stage actress. In 1958, the couple moved to Wellington, New Zealand, where Graham was appointed chief catering adviser for the Royal New Zealand Air Force and Treena returned to the stage, also extending her career to radio and television.

After a successful national cooking show in Australia, Graham and Treena moved to Canada in 1969 and caught the world’s attention with a television show called The Galloping Gourmet. As an outrageous, clever and charming chef, Graham cooked his way into the kitchens and hearts of millions of television viewers around the world every week. The Galloping Gourmet quickly became the most successful cooking show on television. Treena received two Emmy nominations as producer of the year for daytime television .

In 1971, The Galloping Gourmet ended after Graham and Treena were involved in a tragic accident. A vegetable truck crashed into their on location production vehicle on a highway outside San Francisco. The accident left Graham temporarily paralyzed on his left side and Treena suffering from long-lasting complications that eventually required major surgery.

The following years, Graham and Treena faced the challenge of rehabilitation and reordering their lives. They spent two years recovering their strength by sailing over 24,000 miles aboard the Treena, a 71-foot sailboat, with their children, Tessa, Andrew and Kareena.

In 1981 they co-founded Creative Lifestyle International, Inc., an organization that shows people how to live better with less money, convert habits that hurt into provisions that heal and pass the benefits on to the world’s disadvantaged. The current focus of Graham’s work is helping people who want to make healthy, creative lifestyle changes. He writes, teaches, lectures and conducts seminars. His recent appearances have included keynotes and major events for the American Dietetic Association (ADA), American Heart Association (AHA), National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Diabetic Association (ADA), and many cardiac rehab centers, programs, HMO’s and hospitals.

It was during this time that Graham and Treena also realized that the stressful lifestyle they had maintained during the arduous taping schedule of The Galloping Gourmet would have eventually killed them – and the food they were eating was a big part of it. But it was Treena’s heart attack in 1986 that prompted Graham to put his now-changed lifestyle back on television. It was the intensive nutrition research, combined with years of cooking experience to create the Minimax cooking style; food with minimized health risks and maximum aroma, color, texture and taste.

In 1988, Graham and Treena returned to the television screen in a cooking show entitled Simply Marvelous, which was filmed on location in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This was followed by a series of Minimax tips produced for the American Heart Association in 1990, and a daily half hour television series called Graham Kerr that was broadcast in the USA from September 1990-91 and will be repeated daily on the Discovery Channel in mid-1992. Concurrently Graham Kerr is being screened in Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan.

A best-selling author, with over 4 million books sold, Graham continues to branch out beyond television to bring his Minimax message to the maximum amount of people. His latest book, The Gathering Place, was released in October of 1997. This book has special meaning to Graham as it is the first to be published by Camano Press, a division of his own company.

From his home in Kirkland, Washington, Graham is hard at work researching more Minimax dishes, producing instructional videos, teaching restaurant chefs, developing kitchen equipment and speaking with people around the world, to show them how to create “great food for great years” through Minimax cooking.

Great Food for Great Years

The Minimax Method

Graham Kerr’s Smart Cooking

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