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The Five Secrets of the World’s Best Performing Leaders and Companies

Hit the Ground Running

Recently named by USA Today as one of America’s Top Three Business Speakers (with Tom Peters and Jim Collins), keynote speaker Jason Jennings has spent over twenty years studying the world’s best performing companies and their leaders, and consulting other companies on how to achieve their full economic potential.

His book, It’s Not The Big That Eat the Small – It’s The Fast That Eat the Slow, detailing his travels to top companies, was an instant bestseller, was published in 32 languages, and was named by USA Today as one of the top 25 books of 2001. Speaker Jason Jennings next bestseller, Less Is More, based on his research of over 4,000 companies, revealed the secrets of the most productive companies in the world. His most recent book, Think BIG-Act Small, provides a study of the world’s ten companies who managed to grow revenues and profits by ten percent or more each year for ten years.

Jason’s newest book, The Reinventors – How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change, coming out in late 2011, promises to show business leaders and companies how to reinvent themselves and their companies.

Speaker Jason Jennings

The Five Secrets of the World’s Best Performing Leaders and Companies

This is the crowd pleaser that’s received standing ovations from hundreds of thousands of people in scores of countries around the world. After studying more than 100,000 companies for his bestselling books on speed (It’s Not the Big That Eat the Small-It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow), on productivity (Less Is More), on growing revenues (Think BIG, Act Small), and his latest book, Hit The Ground Running, Jason works with the group sponsoring the speech and selects the five most important discoveries he’s made that are appropriate for the audience and presents them in spellbinding fashion.

Hit the Ground Running

Jason’s new speech is based on the most important findings from the research for his latest book, Hit The Ground Running-A Manual For New Leaders.

Filled with rich stories, vivid examples, and anecdotes that make the powerful information come alive; the speech contains the discoveries that allow companies and their leaders and workers to achieve results fast.