AI and ChatGPT Speaker – Sam Richter

AI and chatGPT Speaker

AI and ChatGPT Speaker – Sam Richter

AI and ChatGPT Speaker Sam Richter produces High-energy, super-entertaining, award-winning programs where the implementation continues long after the ovation subsides.

AI and chatGPT Speaker

Imagine… a jaw-dropping program on using digital intel (e.g., online search, social media, AI, ChatGPT, etc.) in ways most never thought possible to differentiate, hyper-personalize communications, ensure relevancy, get in more doors, and win more business.

  • Incredibly entertaining in-person and virtual programs that will fascinate any audience.
  • Provide attendees immediate value, unlike any program they’ve experienced.
  • With custom post-conference resources, the implementation never stops.
  • All programs are customized using your real-world prospects, clients, and examples.
  • Perfect for any business audience, of any age, and of any technical ability.
  • Inspire. Entertain. Motivate. Discover. Implement.

Unlike other AI and ChatGPT Speaker, Sam provides actionable techniques that can be implemented to increase productivity with powerful outcomes.

What Can You Expect Working With Sam?

You cannot leave your next sales conference or industry event to chance. You must hire a top-rated keynote speaker who will inspire, present with incredibly high energy, who will entertain, and, most important who will provide actionable, practical content that your attendees will take back to the office and immediately implement to improve their sales and business results.

Add Sam to your event team and you can expect:


  • A partner who deeply cares about exceeding your and your attendees’ expectations of what a live or virtual program can be.
  • A commitment to quality, whether on stage or virtually, Sam delivers an amazing program every time.
  • No drama … putting on a conference or conducting a virtual program is stressful enough. You can count on Sam to do what it takes.
  • An easy-to-work-with team member who understands technology so your program goes off without a glitch.
  • Incredible post-program resources that transcend beyond the presentation, ensuring your attendees implement their new knowledge and experience immediate results.
  • Sam delivers exceptional keynote presentations and workshop programs, every time, guaranteed. When you work with Sam, you’re working with someone committed to ensuring your best program ever.

Powerful Outcomes,  Amazing Results

Following are some of the outcomes you can expect with a Sam Richter keynote or workshop:

  • Learning practical strategies and tactics that can be immediately implemented to generate results.
  • Understanding the motivation of prospects and clients and why they want to buy from you.
  • Leveraging knowledge to align your solutions and value with what others care about
  • Differentiating from the competition by ensuring relevancy in every sales call and business meeting.
  • Discovering what others look for and find online and how it impacts brands, careers, and security.


Foremost Sales Intelligence and Digital Reputation Experts, Renowned For His Expertise In Digital Information, AI, and ChatGPT


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