Al Walker

Speaker Al Walker humorist and motivational speaker

Al Walker

Speaker Al Walker humorist and motivational speaker

Speaker: Al Walker

Acclaimed humorist, consultant and inspirational speaker

Speech Topics Include:

  • Thinking Big & Living Large
  • Leadership Built on Principle
  • The Serious Side of Laughter
  • And the Pursuit of Happiness…
  • The Truth about Motivation
  • Transformation – the Change That Lasts

Keynote speaker Al Walker is president of Al Walker and Associates, Inc., a firm dedicated to helping businesses and individuals solve problems through professional speaking, training and consulting services. Al and his organization specialize in results-oriented training programs. They have conducted over 1500 training clinics, workshops, seminars and programs for organizations from the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Al is a masterful teacher and is nationally recognized for his unique, fun-loving, humorous approach to speaking.

Al earned a business degree from the University of South Carolina. After graduation, he joined a residential building and development corporation. Within two years as head of sales and marketing, the firm was the highest dollar volume residential builder in South Carolina. During that time, Al attended a Dale Carnegie course and decided his future was in training and developing people. He joined Dale Carnegie and for five years sold and taught their programs throughout South Carolina. He quickly became one of the top-rated instructors in the organization. In 1981, he started his own company. Speaker Al Walker’s international client list includes IBM, Wal-Mart, BASF, NCR, BellSouth and Westinghouse/CBS. Al’s articles on leadership, sales, customer service and personal development have appeared in professional publications throughout the world.

Thinking Big & Living Large

is Al’s most requested topic for a keynote, luncheon or after dinner talk. The first few minutes are filled with stories and examples of self deprecating humor that deals with diets, exercising and seat belts on airplanes that is guaranteed to get Al and his audience off on the right foot. Al then weaves his message into the theme or your meeting or into the challenges faced by the audience, the steps they need to take to overcome them and how they can rise above it all. Your people will leave with a smile on their face and a renewed commitment to think bigger and live larger.

Leadership Built on Principle

starts by challenging participants to look at the characteristics of both effective and ineffective leaders they have known or known about. Then, based on the amount of time available, Al emphasizes as many of the 31 steps to great leadership that Seth Taylor, the main character in his book, The Sheep Thief shares with his mentee, Harvey Cole.

The Serious Side of Laughter

includes the top three resources everyone needs to add or keep laughter in their lives, examples of how various individuals recognize humor in their everyday lives, the healing power of laughter and how to add more fun to your life. It is an ideal after dinner presentation.

…And the Pursuit of Happiness…

begins with statistical studies about happiness, which seems paradoxical to begin with, then it delves into what percentage of people are happy and why. It includes the importance of passion and a solid outlook of life.

The Truth about Motivation

starts with three principles and asks the listener to agree or disagree with each one. We then talk about how all motivation boils down to either external or internal stimuli, the effects of both, the Fear/Reward factors and what it takes to create an environment in any organization in which people are self motivated.

Transformation – the Change That Lasts

includes the 4 steps that enable someone to go from where they are to wherever it is they want to be. If someone is genuinely ready to get up out of the rut they are in or have come to the conclusion they really can do more with their lives, this module is for them. We also look at how best to deal with all the changes going on in our world today and how to differentiate between the controllable and the non-controllables.


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