Alan Hobson

Speaker Alan Hobson Everest Climber Motivational keynote

Alan Hobson

Speaker Alan Hobson Everest Climber Motivational keynote

Speaker: Alan Hobson

2-Time Cancer Survivor & Bestselling Author; Mt. Everest Climber & Summiteer


  • Adapting to the Unexpected
  • Turning Crisis into Opportunity
  • Bouncing Back from Setbacks
  • Executing with Excellence
  • Climb Back!
  • Triumphing in Tough Times

 Get ready for the climb of your life!  Bestselling Author, World Adventurer, and Renowned Inspirational SpeakerAlan Hobson is going to take you to the edge and back. Join the thriving 2-Time Cancer Survivor, Mt. Everest Climber and Summiteer as he tells his riveting true tale of tenacity, teamwork and triumph. His three self-guided, self-organized and corporately sponsored expeditions to the world’s tallest peak were massive sales, marketing and mountaineering efforts. But his courageous climb back from an unexpected inner Everest dwarfed even the outer one. Considered one of the best adventure speakers in the world because of his trademark ability to personalize every presentation to the specific challenges and opportunities of each group, Alan’s inspirational presentations are distinctly different. He does his homework and it shows.

In over 20 years as a full-time speaker Alan Hobson, has never given the same presentation twice. He is the best speaker in the world at making the do-or-die lessons of peak experiences immediately applicable to business and the business of life – your life.

Adapting to the Unexpected
Hobson’s second Everest attempt missed the summit by just two city blocks when the expedition’s lead climber came down with life-threatening high altitude sickness. Alan’s team worked for 33 continuous hours and saved the man’s life, but it meant postponing the achievement of their goal. Discouraged, but not defeated, he walked away again with another set of precious lessons and started over with renewed determination. In today’s tough economic times, instant adaptability and psychological resilience are essential to success. Alan shows audiences how to rise to the challenge of cataclysmic change and effectively re-prioritize without losing sight of their mission, vision and objectives.

Turning Crisis into Opportunity
It happens to everyone. You establish a goal, but fall short of achieving it. You try again, but a competing priority suddenly requires you to shift your focus, or your resources. Then, you finally succeed, only to be blindsided by the unexpected. Alan Hobson faced all of these situations on his three expeditions to Mt. Everest and while climbing back from cancer. In his spellbinding personalized presentations, he draws invaluable connections between the priceless lessons of his life experiences and the challenges we all face in our personal and professional lives.

Bouncing Back from Setbacks
After more than a decade of preparation, Alan Hobson’s first expedition to Mt. Everest missed the summit by 3,000 feet when his team’s high camp was blasted off the mountain by hurricane-force winds. Instead of giving up on his goal, he used his hard-won lessons to begin again more intelligently. Alan inspires audiences to learn from setbacks and come away with smarter solutions for achieving their objectives.

Executing with Excellence
After almost two decades of preparation, an experienced Alan Hobson finally reached the summit of Mt. Everest during his third expedition. It was a true triumph of tenacity. Alan shows audiences that even when times are hard, if we remain focused on executional excellence and relentless improvement, we can achieve our goals. His powerful personal example resonates on an individual and organizational level.

Climb Back!
Three years after Everest, Alan faced his biggest mountain. Diagnosed with acute leukemia (an aggressive cancer of the blood) and given less than a year to live, once again, he never gave up. Today, he is one of less than a few dozen people ever to achieve an elite level of fitness after an adult blood stem cell transplant to eradicate the disease. He has now been cancer-free for more than nine years and is officially medically cured.

Triumphing in Tough Times
In today’s environment of uncertainty and change, Alan’s messages could not be timelier. He offers practical tools for managing the unexpected, as well as those challenges we can more easily predict. His hard-won wisdom has real world relevance, applicability and power. He is a tough man for tough times and a master at building bridges between where you are now and where you want to be – the perfect guide for anyone facing an avalanche of unknowns and a mountain of change and uncertainty. It’s time to triumph over change, turn crisis into opportunity and get back on top!


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