Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod keynote speaker

Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod keynote speaker


Co-Owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx , 14x MLB All-Star & 2009 World Series Champion with the New York Yankees; and Chairman & CEO, A-Rod Corp

Speech Topics Include:

  • Strategic Pivoting: Making A Purposeful Shift
  • Mindset Of A Champion: Success Across Sectors
  • Resilience: How To Stay In The Game When Challenges Arise
  • Diversity: A Business Imperative For Strong Teams And Success

Alex Rodriguez is a businessman and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of A-Rod Corp, a broad-based investment firm that bets on world-class startups and partners with leading global companies across the real estate, health and wellness, technology, and sports & entertainment industries. While best known as one of the world’s greatest athletes (a 14x MLB All-Star and a 2009 World Series Champion with the New York Yankees), for more than 25 years, Alex leads a team of experts building high-growth businesses and enhancing the value of more than 30 companies in the A-Rod Corp portfolio.

Alex founded A-Rod Corp in 1995, purchasing a duplex apartment on the theory that investing his MLB earnings wisely would protect him from the kinds of financial struggles that afflict too many professional athletes. While he racked up extraordinary stats on the field (696 home runs and more grand slams than any other MLB player in history), Alex simultaneously assembled an impressive team at A-Rod Corp, bought apartment units across the southeastern U.S., and built a fully integrated real estate and development company. In 2020, Alex joined CGI Merchant Group’s hotel investment fund to acquire and develop properties across North America and the Caribbean.

Following his success in real estate, Alex has invested in a variety of sectors where he has expertise. He looks for long-term opportunities to provide financial capital, work alongside founders and leadership, and amplify the growth of each company.

In addition to leading A-Rod Corp, Alex is CEO of Slam Corp, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) with Antara Capital Chairman Himanshu Gulati as equal partner. Slam Corp is seeking to acquire a leader in the consumer tech, media, entertainment, and health and wellness sectors.

In 2021, Alex joined the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx ownership group. In the same year, Alex formed A-Rod Media, a strategic pillar within the organization to house all media activity. A-Rod Media offers scalable, multimedia capabilities, including original content creation, compelling narrative storytelling, and audience engagement across all marketing  platforms.

Alex is an Emmy Award-winning MLB analyst for Fox Sports and ESPN. He has been a judge and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, mentored financially distressed ex-athletes on CNBC’s Back in the Game, and currently co-hosts the podcast The Corp with Barstool Sports’ Dan Katz, interviewing CEOs, entrepreneurs, and sports legends. Committed to creating opportunities for young people to succeed, Alex serves on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade where he is an Alumni Hall of Fame Honoree, the Boards of Trustees of the University of Miami, and The Paley Center for Media.

Strategic Pivoting: Making A Purposeful Shift

How can you make a successful pivot into a new career? Over the course of your life, you may have several careers. What do you need to know to make the shift successful? Alex Rodriguez made several shifts over his lifetime. He spent the first part of his life as a baseball player, playing for 22 seasons in Major League Baseball. After his career was over, he successfully pivoted into being a media presenter and a business entrepreneur. He didn’t switch overnight. In this exciting talk, Alex shares what you need to know in order to make a purposeful shift. Audiences will come away understanding: never limit yourself, find your passion, and educate yourself.


Mindset Of A Champion: Success Across Sectors

How do you succeed in whatever you do? You need to adopt the mindset of a champion. A champion knows that success doesn’t come easy or overnight. Before Alex Rodriguez became one of the most successful and highest-paid athletes in baseball, he was just a young man who loved the game and wanted to become better. So he studied the game, took copious notes, and improved his expertise in the sport. His process can be applied to any area of life, not just sports. In this frank talk on what it takes to succeed, Alex shares how he developed his champion mindset. Audiences will come away learning to find their superpower, educate themselves, work hard, and stay focused.


Resilience: How To Stay In The Game When Challenges Arise

How do you stay the course when you face challenges in life? For each of us, a day will come when we have a huge personal or business setback. When a setback happens, starting over may seem like an insurmountable challenge. You may want to give up rather than go on. Alex Rodriguez faced many challenges over his 22-year career in baseball, from striking out to losing games to injury to being suspended. However, he was able to overcome his challenges and stay in the game. In this story-filled talk, Alex shares how to stay resilient. Audiences will come away understanding why you should always get back up when you’re knocked down, never set limitations on yourself, and say yes first, then figure out the rest.


Diversity: A Business Imperative For Strong Teams And Success

Why are organizations with more diversity more successful than less diverse companies? More diverse companies have higher productivity, more innovation, and less turnover. If you want to build strong teams and organizations, you need to hear diverse voices. As a successful baseball player and business owner, Alex Rodriguez understands the importance of diversity for strong teams and success. In this talk spanning his baseball and business careers, Alex shares the importance of diversity for success. Audiences will come away understanding that in order to be innovative and appeal to diverse markets, you need to have different people with different opinions, people who are willing to say no instead of yes, and people who are hired because of their expertise, not just because they check a box.


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