Alyson Van Hooser

Female leadership speaker

Alyson Van Hooser

Female leadership speaker


Leadership Author, Peak Performance and Engagement Expert, Inspiring Ownership, Unlocking Opportunity!

Speech Topics Include:

  • Inspiring Ownership, Unlocking Opportunity!
  • Straight-Shooting, Perspective-Shifting, Feel-Good Fun!
  • Stories, Not Just Statistics: How Leaders Engage And Retain Today’s High-Performing Employees

Leaders and business professionals need help reframing and redefining leadership in today’s diverse, multi-generation workforce. Alyson Van Hooser is on a sold-out mission to show them the way.

Tough beginnings presented Alyson with an ever-changing flow of diverse people and difficult problems. Each day she might encounter addicts, social workers, foster families, teachers, coaches, and friends. People of different ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds — all with different motivations.

She could have become just another statistic. But navigating these complexities at a young age taught Alyson perspective-shifting approaches to successfully engaging with all kinds of people and overcoming seemingly insurmountable problems in a way that transformed the trajectory of her life.

Organizational leaders and the people on their teams all want the same thing — something better! Better lives for themselves and their families. Better outcomes for their efforts. Better relationships and engagement.

And every person has a story — a unique narrative that defines them. Alyson knows the secret to reframing and redefining leadership in a multi-gen workforce…

The people who knew Alyson’s story — who cared enough to engage with and invest in her — laid the foundation for her success. Coupled with the radical power of an ownership mindset and the emotional insight to see another’s point of view, Alyson has accomplished unimagined achievements- College degree in 3.5 years. Management experience with a big-box retailer. A bank manager, insurance advisor, and elected city council member…all by the age of 30! (And wife and mother of four!)

Alyson deeply understands the price of admission to success and the keys to reframing relationships with those around us. Abandoned at only 13 years old, her personal experiences, rapid professional success, and intuitive empathy equip her to relate authentically with leaders and teams and uncover solutions that strengthen their relationships and improve their performance.

From the c-suite to the front lines, those who embrace Alyson’s strategies for leadership and ownership redefine what it means to lead and work with success and satisfaction in a diverse world and organization!

In her third, and soon-to-be-released book, Infinite Influence, Alyson reveals the strategy and tactics that create instant connections, improve relationships, and help you live out your purpose more powerfully!

Inspiring Ownership, Unlocking Opportunity!

As a keynote speaker on high-performance leadership, Alyson Van Hooser has one singular objective: to inspire leaders and business professionals with the ownership mindset that unlocks unimagined opportunities!

Radiating an unexpected perspective drawn from her tough life experiences, Alyson reveals the secrets to radically improve performance (individually or among teams) and ignite high-caliber results in spite of overwhelming odds.

As a result, leaders, managers, and teams discover the power and possibilities that come from making the choice to “own it” in life and work. Her heartfelt stories and high-energy humor hit them in the heart, expand their outlook, and propel them forward. In the end, her audiences are equipped and inspired to uncover answers to their next right move, own their success, and crush their goals — no matter the obstacles!


Straight-Shooting, Perspective-Shifting, Feel-Good Fun!

The realities of life and work can distort our perspective. To experience breakthroughs, people often need help seeing their circumstances through a new lens.

From an early age, Alyson experienced life without a net — her survival and success to be decided solely by her willingness to “own it.”

As Alyson reveals the perspective-shifting benefits of this ownership mindset, audiences discover the key that unlocks a fresh outlook and fuels unexpected opportunities for their own growth.

People yearn for someone who’ll be real with them. From her earliest memories, Alyson faced hard truths. Never knowing the environment she would wake up to, she learned early on the value of embracing the reality of a situation and calling it what it is.

“Just shoot me straight, then I can figure out my next right move.”

Like that one friend you can always count on, Alyson shares sometimes difficult truths that need to be heard. But like the friend who won’t let you take yourself too seriously, she seasons her straight-shooting lessons with a healthy dose of feel-good fun.

Whether laughing at her own missteps, moonwalking like MJ, or masterfully making a point, Alyson’s shows audiences their own resilience and better results begin with a shot of reality, a measure of laughter, and a mindset committed to making something good happen.


Stories, Not Just Statistics: How Leaders Engage And Retain Today’s High-Performing Employees

Losing great employees may be your greatest competitive threat. Attracting, truly engaging, and retaining ecstatic employees can be your greatest advantage.

Differentiate yourself from those poaching your employees by strategically and authentically aligning your leadership with the post-pandemic workforce. The future of work is not just tech and artificial intelligence. Instead, leadership that effectively connects and engages with employees will be more important than ever.

A one-size-fits-all leadership approach is a tactic of the past. Introducing, Stories, Not Just Statistics, the new leadership strategy and mindset that focuses resources — emotional, financial, and otherwise — on actions and benefits that create infinite opportunities for team success.

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