Anthony Parinello

Anthony Parinello

Speaker: Anthony Parinello

Sales coach and speaker


  • Selling To VITO (Very Important Top Officer)
  • The VITO Selling System for Sales Leaders
  • Idiot’s Guide to Dynamic Selling

Meet Anthony Parinello . . . your employee’s next best friend and your competition’s nemesis.

Although Anthony will say he’s still working at achieving success, over one million people who have attended his seminars will say he’s already there. After one energizing, career-changing day with Anthony, they come away with more than just a charged-up attitude. They learn real-world tactics to break through barriers, increase company revenue, and earn more personal income along with a plan of action, they get the unshakable confidence that they can do it.

Anthony gains the respect of his audiences because, for 26 years, he’s “walked his talk” as an award-winning salesman, racking up millions of dollars in revenue. Now, through his keynotes, seminars, books, and audio programs, he’s helped companies increase stock prices from $4 to over $40 per share, shorten sales cycles by as much as 87 percent and boost entry-point order size by 54 percent. With his unique mentoring he turned a 31-person sales group into a team of tigers who sold $18 million in new business in just 7 months.

More than a motivational speaker, he’s a mentor who continues to offer encouragement and solutions through his one-of-a-kind coaching program. He sincerely wants every professional to be as successful and fulfilled as he is.

Anthony is also proud to have the respect of Dr. Denis Waitley, the second most listened to voice in the world. Dr. Waitley calls him “One of the most imaginative and determined people I’ve ever met.” He wrote the forward to Anthony’s first book, Selling to VITO, which landed on the best seller list in just nine months. Since then Anthony has authored other performance-stimulating books, hundreds of articles, and produced several audio albums. His newest work, The Power of Will, teaches how to squeeze every drop of enjoyment and abundance from all aspects of life.

Professionals from around the country have benefited from Anthony’s insights and street-smart instincts, and with his innovative ideas and proven tactics, he shows them how to set and exceed their goals. His passion for business and life gives individuals new respect for their careers and his personal achievements spur them to reach for greatness of their own…and succeed!

Selling To VITO (Very Important Top Officer)

The VITO Selling System for Sales Leaders

Idiot’s Guide to Dynamic Selling


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