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Antwone Fisher

Speaker: Antwone Fisher

Director, screenwriter, producer, author


  • The Antwone Fisher Story
  • How To Tie a Tie: and Other Lessons For Succeeding in Life
  • Foster Care and Adoption
  • The Arts

Today, we know antwone fisher as an award-winning film and literary writer. However, his life did not begin with such promise.

Antwone was raised in institutions from the moment his single mother gave birth to him in prison. As a foster child, he suffered more than a dozen years of emotional abandonment and physical abuse, until he escaped and forged a life on the streets. But he was determined that the circumstances of his upbringing did not have to dictate the outcome of his adult life.

Just as his life was about to hit rock bottom, antwone enlisted in the u.s. navy — a decision that would ultimately save him. There, he says, he became a man. He learned self-discipline, traveled the world, and became fluent in japanese. Through it all, he worked on the poetry that helped him express his feelings, never giving up his dreams of a better day.

After the navy, antwone worked as a correctional officer with the federal bureau of prisons before taking a job as a security officer at sony pictures, where he took a free screenwriting course. After writing over 40 drafts, he sold the screenplay about his life, and antwone fisher became a highly acclaimed film with denzel washington starring and directing, and antwone credited as both writer and co-producer.

Antwone individually received the renowned humanitas prize, the screenwriter of the year award from the national association of theater owners (nato), and a best original screenplay nomination for the writers guild of america award, launching him into a successful career as a writer and producer.

Antwone also took the literary world by storm with his first book, finding fish: a memoir, about his inspiring story that became a new york times bestseller. He followed finding fish with his compelling collection of poetry entitled, who will cry for the little boy? Which became a national best seller. His poetry is also featured in revered poet nikki giovanni’s book for children, hip hop speaks to children.

Antwone’s latest book is a boy should know how to tie a tie: and other lessons for succeeding in life. Endorsed by president bill clinton, the book is filled with inspiring stories, wisdom, and practical know-how not just for boys, but for anyone looking for inspiring advice on how to set themselves up for success.

The recipient of numerous accolades and honors, including the national angel in adoption award, antwone continues to inspire audiences worldwide with his loyalty to community, his personal triumphs and his indomitable spirit of never giving up.

The Antwone Fisher Story

The world first learned of Antwone Fisher’s story of perseverance, determination, and courage film Antwone Fisher, starring Denzel Washington, and the publication of Finding Fish, his memoir of a childhood spent in foster homes. It also learned that within him beat the heart of an artist — a major factor in his resilience and recovery. In his riveting and inspiring presentation (complete with lots of Q&A), Antwone shares how he learned to rise above his situation, how he found a family he never knew existed, and later how he went on to build a loving family of his own.

How To Tie a Tie: and Other Lessons For Succeeding in Life

It wasn’t until Antwone was a navy recruit that he realized this smartly dressed man had never taken the time to teach him how to be well-groomed to reflect on the outside the man he was becoming on the inside. “A boy ought to know how to tie a tie,” he thought angrily, as he struggled to master the navy’s required half-Windsor knot. Filled with inspiring stories, wisdom, and practical know-how, Antwone’s presentation to young people (both male and female) helps them to develop a sense of purpose and worth, and lay a foundation for success.

Foster Care and Adoption

While there are countless families having a positive impact on the lives of children, Antwone Fisher is very familiar with the challenges of the foster care and adoption system. From of children aging out of the foster care system to the aftermath of abuse, to parenthood and teens, Antwone addresses these issues with sensitivity, honesty and inspiration.

The Arts

Throughout his life, Antwone has used the arts as a form of self expression to get him through his toughest times. He found his voice as an artist, and he talks about how all forms of art, from painting and drawing to dance, music, museums and other forms of culture are so vital to the growth of human character and well being.


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