Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Speaker

Khyati Joshi

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Speaker

DR KHYATI  JOSHI  the Co-founder, Institute for Teaching Diversity & Social Justice, thought leader on the intersecting issues of race, religion and immigration, Professor, and author is the perfect speaker for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

With two focused talks and a lifetime of understadning, Dr Joshi taps the experiences of South Asian Americans and other immigrant communities to illuminate race relations and inform interfaith work in the United States.

Asian American History is U. S. History

Often thought of as “forever foreigners,” Asian Americans in fact played key roles at pivotal moments in U.S. history. Asian American stories illuminate the history of inclusion and exclusion in America on issues like civil rights, immigration, and controversies over bilingual education. Providing information often ignored in mainstream U.S. history texts, this is an ideal presentation for Asian Pacific American History Month.

Asian Americans in the South: Revealing our Hidden Histories and Invisible Identities

This presentation begins with a history of Asian Americans in the South, from Filipinos and Bengali Muslims in Louisiana, to Chinese in Mississippi, to Indian hoteliers, Cambodian refugees, and others. It continues in the present day, exploring race and racism as Asian Americans experience them. Asian Americans suffer invisible identities, confront stereotypes and face discrimination in the workplace and education that may not be recognized in places where the Black-White racial paradigm is so deep in the culture.

Dr Joshi is available as a Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month speaker, panelist, and moderator for live-stream and prerecorded events (and hopefully live events later in 2021!!).


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