Authentic Leadership and Customer Loyalty speaker Ken Schmidt

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Authentic Leadership and Customer Loyalty speaker Ken Schmidt

Speaker Ken Schmidt is a Premium-fueled speaker, author and consultant serving the world’s highest- revving businesses (and those stuck in neutral). Podcast host, too.

Speaker Ken Schmidt – Speaking Topics Include:

Full Throttle – Shift Gears, Stand Out, and Cruise to the Top

“No matter what we sell, make, or do, we’re a commodity to people who don’t know us,” says Ken Schmidt. Companies who understand that and change their mindset to engage customers differently will win big. Authenticity stands out in today’s impersonal world and Ken unpacks a roadmap for creating an unshakable emotional connection with customers. This talk is rooted in the ideas that drove Harley-Davidson’s incredible transformation and return to dominance as Ken and his team led the company’s shift away from focusing on product features and instead leaned into the key drivers of human behavior. As it did, H-D’s sales, profitability, and loyalty skyrocketed. Ken’s high energy and humor punctuate this talk as he shows businesses of every size and scope how to align everyone in the organization around a set of values that ignite customer passion, maximize sales growth, and stand out in their marketplace.


– Discover the three questions that should drive every decision to protect and enhance your reputation

– Transform the company mindset towards being known for who you are vs. what you do

– Harness the three drivers of human behavior to create unshakable loyalty

– Gain ways to be memorable so customers tell your story to others – in person and on social media

– Elevate your business by humanizing it and delivering delight

Rev It Up – Fast Track Your Career

“How do you want to be talked about and what are you doing to make that happen?” Ken Schmidt reminds people that we are a story-telling species and getting noticed by customers or even in your own organization is about being memorable. Saying or doing what people expect doesn’t make you – or your business – stand out. In this talk Ken shows how to make a lasting impact. It starts with answering three key questions about how you want to be remembered. Ken reminds audiences that what people remember about you is dependent on how you make them feel about themselves. It’s more important to be interested – not interesting. Ken shares lessons learned from a celebrated career at Harley-Davidson and beyond to show how to build a personal brand that will fast track your career in today’s dynamic landscape.


– Identify your unique qualities and how you want to be remembered

– Hear ways to make others feel good about themselves

– Learn how to take an active role in meetings and actively participate

– Understand that by encouraging others to share their stories, you can then share yours

– Ways to continuously improve your personal brand by focusing on R&R (Remember & Repeat)

Ken’s Book

ken schmidt speakers bureau
The former director of communications at Harley-Davidson and one of the most sought-after speakers in the world reveals his exhilarating, innovative approach to creating customer loyalty and marketplace dominance.

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