Beau Lotto Author of Deviate

Beau Lotto keynote speaker

Beau Lotto Author of Deviate

Beau Lotto Author of Deviate

Renowned Speaker, Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, and Best-Selling Author

Beau Lotto author of Deviate, world-renowned neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and TED speaker, takes us on a tour of how we perceive the world, and how disrupting it leads us to create and innovate.

Is your organization or individuals within your organizations tuck in a rut, chasing their tales, engaging in circular thinking and making no progress?  It’s time to deviate, uproot your perspective and disrupt the cycle perpetuating stagnation.

Beau Lotto author of deviate and speaker

Perception is the foundation of human experience, but few of us understand why we see what we do, much less how. By revealing the startling truths about the brain and its perceptions, Beau Lotto shows that the next big innovation is not a new technology: it is a new way of seeing.

In his first major book, Lotto draws on over two decades of pioneering research to explain that our brain didn’t evolve to see the world accurately. It can’t! Visually stunning, with entertaining illustrations and optical illusions throughout, and with clear and comprehensive explanations of the science behind how our perceptions operate, Deviate will revolutionize the way you see yourself, others and the world.

With this new understanding of how the brain functions, Deviate is not just an illuminating account of the neuroscience of thought, behavior, and creativity: it is a call to action, enlisting readers in their own journey of self-discovery.

Beau Lotto is a world-renowned neuroscientist who specializes in the biology and psychology of perception. Originally from Seattle, Washington, he has lived in the United Kingdom for over twenty years and currently resides in Oxford. He received his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, his PhD from the University of Edinburgh Medical School, and was a fellow at Duke University. He has been conducting and presenting research on human perception and behavior for more than twenty-five years, has published over sixty publications and two academic books. A professor of Neuroscience at University College London, his interest in education, business, and the arts has led him into entrepreneurship and engaging the public with science. He passionately believes in the impact perception research can have on people from all walks of life.


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