Bill Rancic

Bill Rancic

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Speaker: Bill Rancic

New York Times Best-Selling Author and Donald Trump’s Original Apprentice


  • Lessons from a Mega-Entrepreneur: What It Takes To Turn Your Small, Struggling Business Into A Major Success
  • How to Succeed in Business and Life
  • How to Use Challenging Times to your Advantage

An estimated 27.6 million viewers tuned in to watch Donald Trump say, “You’re hired!” to Bill Rancic on NBC’s hit reality show, The Apprentice. A true entrepreneur, keynote speaker Bill Rancic started his own business to put himself through school. At the age of 23, he founded the internet-based company, Cigars Around the World, in a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment. Today, it is a thriving multi-million dollar national operation.

Rancic is also a New York Times best selling-author of two books on business and appears regularly as a financial expert on numerous television shows. He makes frequent appearances on The Apprentice, produces and stars in the A&E hit series We Mean Business, Style Network’s reality series Giuliana and Bill and is the executive producer of Repo Man. He also makes regular appearances on Today, The Tonight Show, The View, and various CNBC programs to talk to viewers about business and entrepreneurship.

A former real estate developer for the Trump Corporation, he is an avid business speaker on leadership and entrepreneurship who uses his savvy to help struggling entrepreneurs succeed.

As a speaker Bill Rancic discusses his secrets for personal and professional success using anecdotes from his entrepreneurial experiences and high-profile stint as the first-reigning Apprentice. Charismatic and always glib, Rancic is entertaining, informative, and an audience favorite.

Lessons from a Mega-Entrepreneur: What It Takes To Turn Your Small, Struggling Business Into A Major Success

During this session, mega-entrepreneur Bill Rancic will walk you through what it takes to turn a small business into a thriving, ultra-profitable BIG business. He’ll share with you key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and how to avoid the most common mistakes business owners make that hold them back from achieving their objectives — and he’ll deliver solid, usable advice based on real-world experience.

How to Succeed in Business and Life

Many strategies helped make Bill Rancic a successful entrepreneur. From starting a boat wash and wax business while in college to running a million dollar company and working for Donald Trump, Rancic will share the ups and downs on his road to success. He shares the lessons he has learned throughout his many business experiences, including How to Break from the Pack, Make Each Day Count- Twice, and Separate Your Expectations from your Shortcomings.  This motivational speech is packed with advice that audience members can apply to their lives immediately.

How to Use Challenging Times to your Advantage

Knowing your stuff, knowing your boss’s stuff, and knowing your competitor’s stuff will help you get ahead in challenging times. Strategies like Setting the Standard, Rejecting Conventional Wisdom and Thinking like a Big Fish in a Small Pond are topics that Bill Rancic will discuss to get you through challenging times.


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