Bob Garner

Bob Garner

Speaker: Bob Garner

Corporate Humorist, Entertainer, Emcee and Motivator


  • C.U.T. Through the Chaos – How to Think Like an Entrepreneur
  • What Can I Do From This Point Forward? Dealing with Changes to My Job, Company and Industry

Bob Garner is recognized by Fortune 1000 and Global 100 audiences as one of the few funny keynote motivational speakers who actually have something valuable to say!

Drawing on his extraordinary rags-to-riches background; a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur and over 30 years of research in the areas of personal and professional development, Bob combines this unique platform along with his skills and talents as an entertainer to deliver customized presentations that are not only educational and empowering, but also highly entertaining.

He has spoken in over 15 countries and shared the stage with former presidents of the United States, as well as Fortune 100 and Global 100 executives. He has assisted clients in selling literally tens of millions of dollars in products and services and helped entrepreneurs to start, grow, and maintain their business.

In addition to live presentations, Bob has shared his strategies – mixed with a good dose of humor – on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, personal development and public speaking via books, audio programs, as well as in articles for magazine, newspapers and other media, worldwide.

A passionate believer in giving back and an advocate with regard to compassion for all sentient beings and the environment, Bob and his wife, Marleta, support numerous causes that aid people, all animals and the planet. They are both plant-based eaters.

C.U.T. Through the Chaos – How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Scores of books and countless articles, as well as leading universities and business schools, consistently exclaim that it’s critical for employees of all levels to think like entrepreneurs. The reason is because the entrepreneur mindset is one that focuses on dedication, creativity, productivity, and profitability, as well as the need to work more effectively with others, cut costs and embrace change.

Equally important, the fostering of an entrepreneurial mindset throughout an organization – while staying within the boundaries of that company – bolsters the understanding that each employee is responsible for his/her own success, which will ultimately be reflected in the overall growth and success of the company.

However, what hinders the entrepreneurial mindset is the individual mindset of each employee via negative responses to conditions, challenges, and changes that constantly take place in the work environment. These negative responses are emotions such as anger, apathy, fear, worry, stress, despair and disgust. These emotions impede creative thinking and problem solving, diminish teamwork and communication, and stifle productivity and profitability. The result is low morale, missed deadlines, unsolved problems, and poor service – to customers and fellow employees. In the end, both the employee and the bottom line suffer.

What Can I Do From This Point Forward? Dealing with Changes to My Job, Company and Industry

Changes to one’s job, company or industry creates challenges that can sometimes be overwhelming. Due to mergers and acquisitions, new corporate rules, and/or industry/government regulations, many employees feel lost as to how they fit in to the new corporate structure, as well as insecurity as to what may happen next.

What Bob offers are ways for your group to deal with these feelings and emotions – not by looking backwards or even too far ahead – but by dealing with their present challenges efficiently and correctly. Despite what has happened in the past (or even in the last hour), it’s all about looking at where you are – right now – and understanding what you need to do to move forward.

In this presentation, Bob shares usable information with your group on how to reevaluate changes to their jobs, company and industry and how to embrace those changes to increase performance and productivity, as opposed to fighting them; how to come to terms with and reduce the uncertainty of how and where to fit in with regard to recent mergers and acquisitions, and how to manage the anger, negativity, and pressure of dealing with new guidelines or stricter regulations. Bob also touches on the need to work more closely as a team across all departments or units, the importance of diminishing “mental obstacles” that stop people from excelling (worry, fear, and stress), and reinforces the understanding that each person is an important component of the company’s success.


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