Bob Higa

Bob Higa

Speaker: Bob Higa

 The “Magic” Behind the Business


  • Magic, Laughter & Amazing Entertainment- “Celebrate the Magic!” is more than entertainment.

Bob Higa is a master magician who also has experience in sales, management, marketing and customer service. An accomplished entertainer, Bob Higa has appeared on television, and headlined in Las Vegas in the Tropicana’s “Folies Bergere” and in Atlantic City at Bally’s Park Place. He has headlined on major cruise ships and has opened for several popular celebrities.

For the past 20 years, Higa has presented to the country’s top corporations and associations delivering the message that customers expect to be WOW’d and there is “no magic to magic!” Yet, each associate can be amazing. Higa shares the secrets to creating business WOW. Combining a strong message with exciting magic leaves more than an exhilarating feeling, it leaves a lasting impression. For an exceptional effect, for an exceptional program celebrate your organization’s magic … through Bob Higa.

Magic, Laughter & Amazing Entertainment- “Celebrate the Magic!” is more than entertainment.

It’s a powerful message for any modern organization-how every person can discover their magical “can do” ability.

Bob Higa’s acclaimed presentation is uplifting and memorable, a magical program filled with inspiration, laughter and audience participation.

More than ever, organizations are asking their associates to deliver greater value and increased results, but to do it with fewer and fewer resources. One might say people today often expect real “magic!” As an expert in magic, Bob Higa knows there is no “magic” in making the magic happen. It’s the result of commitment, creativity, training and hard work. “Genuine magic happens when reality exceeds expectations”, says Higa, and he’s able to demonstrate just how this creative approach leads to magical results in the workplace.

Combining a strong, motivating message with baffling and compelling illusions, the result is an exhilarating and inspiring program. Higa’s message is clear-magic does not consist of tricks or illusions, but the “Wow” feeling we can reach with the people and events in our lives. Tailored specifically to your organization, “Celebrate the Magic” demonstrates that every person has the ability to create that “Wow!”

It’s a chance to celebrate your organization’s magic with your audience – a fascinating “behind the scenes” look from a renowned master of magic: Bob Higa.


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