Bob Hirschfeld

Bob Hirschfeld

Speaker: Bob Hirschfeld

World’s First CyberSatirist & EcoSatirist


  • Funny Business with Bob Hirschfeld

“CyberSatirist” Bob Hirschfeld lampoons social media, time management, technology and a spectrum of business topics including the challenges of going green. It’s witty satire customized for your audience to provide appropriate comic relief. His “Funny Business” presentation takes a satirical look at all aspects of the business world with an underlying message to avoid stress associated with change and technology by finding the humor in it.

As either an engaging keynote speaker or after-dinner entertainment fitting for a savvy business crowd, Bob will enliven your event with creative satire that will refresh your audience to tackle the rest of your conference agenda.

Bob Hirschfeld has been lampooning business and technology for over a decade with his own brand of “stand-up with a laptop” satire, created specifically for conferences. His “Funny Business” presentation includes parodies, visual punch lines and audience participation.

Bob offers a second presentation, “Funny Green Business,’ that takes a humorous look at the challenges and opportunities of green business. Bob is one of the only speakers offering a funny yet motivational approach to sustainable and green issues.

Funny Business with Bob Hirschfeld

How can you help those attending your conference retain their energy level and absorb more information? Make them laugh with smart, witty, business humor. Seriously. Breaking up your meeting with appropriate comic relief that connects with their work-related experiences will leave your audience refreshed and ready to tackle more of your conference agenda.

That’s why Smith Barney, Honda, the National Association of Home Builders, Cox Communications, Forbes and hundreds of others have hired Bob Hirschfeld to enliven their meetings with his interactive stand-up with a laptop “Funny Business” presentation that lampoons all aspects of the business world. Their surveys showed that Bob’s humor was truly appreciated by attendees. Clients who didn’t initially consider humor for their conference were glad they added Bob to their schedule.

Whether as an engaging keynote presentation or after-dinner entertainment fitting for a savvy business crowd, Bob promises to be an “audience-centric, laughter-integrated, humor-scalable, speaker solution.” Bob works with clients to customize his material so audiences get a truly unique experience.

As the first (self-proclaimed) Cybersatirist, Bob Hirschfeld has performed at corporate and association events for over nine years. Bob’s success has been profiled in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal as well as featured in Newsweek and Fast Company. His humor has appeared in the op-ed pages of The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and USA Today. For several years, he was a contributing writer to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jay calls Bob “one of the top satirists in the country.”


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