Brad Montgomery

Brad Montgomery

Speaker: Brad Montgomery

Funny Motivational Speaker & Meeting Energizer


  • Ordinary Magic
  • Presto Change-O
  • The Wonder Principle
  • Laugh-O-Nomics

Brad Montgomery never planned to be a professional speaker and business humorist. He planned to be a lawyer. After graduating with a Political Science degree from Brown University in Rhode Island, Brad planned to be a magician for one year and then start the serious part of his life with the study of law. To date, he is still waiting for the serious part of his life to begin.

After getting his start as a corporate entertainer and magician, Brad now speaks to corporations and associations who need a lift, bringing laughter and magic with a simple-yet-powerful message about creating more humor in our lives.

Corporate clients include Kraft, Proctor and Gamble, IBM, General Mills, COMSAT, Merrill Lynch and Honeywell.

He speaks on Change, Humor in the Workplace, and reminds people that our lives are both fun and funny. Brad’s theory is that, people learn best when they are laughing, and by the looks of things, his clients agree. Folks use him to kick off conventions with a bang, close ’em with a laugh or to lift them up somewhere in between. His programs create laughter and magic leaving his audiences with a spring in their steps, a smile on their faces, and an optimistic outlook on their jobs and their lives.

Brad lives in Denver, Colorado with his attorney wife. (Brad assumed that the next best thing to being a lawyer was tricking one into marrying him.) Although he is proud of his many awards and national credits, he’s convinced that his best tricks so far are his three small kids.

Ordinary Magic
The funny business of enjoying life

Presto Change-O
The magic of laughing at change.

The Wonder Principle
Profiting from happiness at work & home.

Connecting humor at work to your bottom line.


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