Buzz Sutherland

Buzz Sutherland

Speaker: Buzz Sutherland

Humorist and award-winning communicator

Speech Topics Include:

  • It’s All About Family

Whether delivering his home-spun characters and outrageous facial expressions or his popular keynote, “Its All In The Family,” Buzz Sutherland keeps audiences rolling with laughter. Buzz’s uniquely funny style and wit make a lasting impression on corporate, association and non-profit event attendees.

Buzz has been named Comedian of the Year by America’s Colleges and Universities a record 16 times. In 2007, he was nominated Best Comedy Show by American Entertainment Magazine. Buzz’s style of comedy is contagious as he interacts with the audience rather than speaking to the audience. A few lucky attendees actually become a part of the show! Having performed for everyone from State Farm to Purina Mills, Buzz Sutherland’s ability to be funny without being offensive, makes him the no-brainer entertainer for almost any type of event.

Humor comes naturally to Buzz, and it also provides the perfect avenue to teach. His most-requested keynote, “Its All In The Family,” connects the skills and knowledge needed for a work environment with the very abilities learned from growing up in a family. Basic principles are needed: treat everyone with respect, make eye contact, focus on others and more. Simple observations are relayed by Buzz’s 13 year old daughter (be kind,) 10 year old son (think outside the box,) and wife (the art of patience!)

Buzz’s abilities are varied – dinner entertainer, awards banquet emcee, or entertaining keynoter – and humor is the key to his success. If comedy and good-natured fun are missing from your event, look no further than Buzz Sutherland!

It’s All About Family

What is the key to personal and professional success? Quite simply, it’s family! If we all take the skills and knowledge we get from growing up in a family, then you have more of a head start to success than you would ever imagine. Treat each person in a work day with the same attention, eye contact, and focus you would a family member and watch what this simple change does to empower your communication abilities and your own self confidence. Sure it helps to believe in yourself, but where do most of us gain our confidence? That’s right, from our families support and positive feedback from co-workers and superiors in the workplace.

Whether listening to the brilliantly simple observations of his 8 year old daughter, learning to think outside the box from his 4 year old son, or the simple art of patience he’s learned from his wife, Buzz will take you on a hysterical journey into how we can all improve our day to day experiences. 13 Time Comedian of the Year Buzz Sutherland believes that when it comes to success in your personal or professional life…IT’S ALL ABOUT FAMILY!


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