Cam Marston

Speaker Cam Marston Generational issues keynote speaker

Cam Marston

Speaker Cam Marston Generational issues keynote speaker

Speaker: Cam Marston

Expert on the Generations & employees, Author and speaker


  • Recruiting and Retaining the Generations
  • Generational Pendulum
  • Sales and Service Across the Generations
  • Leadership In A Distracted World

Keynote speaker Cam Marston is the leading expert on the impact of generational characteristics and differences on the workplace and the marketplace. As an author, columnist, blogger, and lecturer, he imparts a clear understanding of how generational demographics are changing the landscape of business. Marston and his firm, Generational Insights, have provided research and consultation on generational issues to hundreds of companies and professional groups, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations, as well as major professional associations, for over 15 years.

Speaker Cam Marston’s books, articles, columns, and blog describe and analyze the major generations of our time: Matures (born before 1946), Baby Boomers, (born 1946-64), Generation X (born 1965-79), and Millennials (born 1980-2000).  He explains how their generational characteristics and differences affect every aspect of business, including recruiting and retention, management and motivation, and sales and marketing.

His first book, Motivating The “What’s In It For Me?” Workforce (2005), explores the characteristics and motivations that each generation brings to the workforce and suggests management tactics applicable to any business setting. His next book, Generational Insights (2010) is a guide to the best practices in managing generational issues. Generational Selling Tactics That Work (2011) is the first book-length study of generational approaches to sales and marketing.

Marston’s expertise has also been featured in the Wall Street JournalThe Economist, the Chicago TribuneBusinessWeekFortuneMoney, and Forbes, as well as on Good Morning America and the BBC. He writes a monthly column for Business Alabama and InvestmentNews and has been a featured columnist in Agent’s Sales JournalPROFIT Magazine, and Multi-Housing News, among others. His blog at tracks the latest changes and developments in generational issues and demographics.

Recruiting and Retaining the Generations

Quality employees are your organization’s most valuable resource.  How do you find the best candidates, and how can you keep the ones you have?  Who is on your ‘lifer list’?  What are you doing to make sure they’ll stay

Is it the right thing?

This presentation uses best practices across industries to show how today’s most competitive companies are competing for, winning, and retaining their top people.  It breaks down the motivations of each of the generations of employees and illustrates how companies “in the know” are using those motivations to better attract and retain their talent.

Worksheets are available for a quick 5-minute exercise to ensure take-away ideas and behaviors.

This presentation can be modified to be a ½ day workshop.

This workshop can be customized to use census data for recruiting purposes where available and appropriate.

Generational Pendulum

We’ve been here before.  History is repeating itself right in front of us.  The four generations have existed before in times much like these, and they’ve had the same reaction to these economic challenges.  Being a student of the past makes the future predictable, and the future is bright for forward-thinking companies.  Favor will fall on those who adjust their strategies to create opportunities for the predictable attitudes and outlooks of each of the generations today.  Marston’s “Generational Pendulum” peeks into the looking glass of the future where we see the past, present and  prediction of what will happen to each of the generations.  This provocative program uses similar historical times to explain the behaviors of the population. Marketing, communications, sales, and human resources will find this content thoroughly engaging and position them to benefit from these anticipated changes.  History is repeating itself.  Be Ready.

This presentation will be customized to focus on predictable industry trends.

Sales and Service Across the Generations

Everyone likes the same type of sales style and the same type of service…right?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The truth is that what your sales team doesn’t know about the four generations impacts the bottom line.  Each generation, with their unique values, defines a quality sales or service experience in their own unique way.  What Gen X may prefer, Matures may think is outright rude.  What Boomers define as “rapport building”, Millenials may define as a waste of time.  In “Sales and Service Across the Generations” Marston explores the sales and services biases of each of the four generations and gives simple, easy to execute ideas for how to best work with each.  It is highly energetic, highly engaging, and full of immediately actionable ideas that translate into increased sales.

This presentation can be highly customized by industry or company.

This presentation can be modified to become a workshop.

Leadership In A Distracted World

Our world today is loud, cluttered, and busy. There are countless attempts made each day to get our attention and distract us from our goals. What must leaders do to gain the attention and respect of those around us? What must leaders do to maintain their own focus and their team’s focus. Learn how our society has formed generations whose communication styles and priorities vary greatly and how leaders must work differently with each group to keep focused on their goals.


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