Cara Brookins

female keynote speaker

Cara Brookins

female keynote speaker

Speaker: Cara Brookins

Resiliency and motivation expert; bestselling author of Unstuck: End Procrastination Using the Ancient Psychology Behind How-to Videos

Speech Topics Include:

  • Building Resilience: A True Story of Grit and Determination
  • Building Through Change: Getting “Unstuck” and Staying Motivated in a Changing World
  • Building Teams: Lay the Foundation for Effective Teamwork
  • Building Leaders: Taking Charge in an Ever-Changing World

After her incredible story went viral, Cara Brookins became a renowned thought leader in the science of motivation, empowering corporate audiences to overcome obstacles and thrive in any situation.

Cara Brookins is best known as the mom who built her own house with her kids using YouTube Tutorials. As a software analyst with no construction experience, Cara was the least likely person to build anything—let alone a house. With her eager construction crew consisting of her four young children, Brookins laid the block, framed  the walls, and even  ran the plumbing  and gas lines for her 3,500 square foot house. She shared her story in her #1 bestselling memoir, Rise: How a House Built a Family.

Cara’s incredible story of teamwork and resilience amassed more than two billion views in over 100 countries in two weeks’ time. Media outlets including The New York Times, People Magazine, The Today Show, NBC, CBS News, CNN, and many more have featured Cara’s compelling journey, and it’s been optioned for film, television, and reality television.

The idea that ordinary people can do extraordinary things is a constant in Cara’s work, and it inspired her latest self-help book, Unstuck: End Procrastination Using The Ancient Psychology Behind How-To Videos.

In her impactful keynotes, Cara shares clear, actionable strategies that inspire businesses and individuals worldwide to overcome odds that seem insurmountable and to thrive in any situation—particularly in times of change and uncertainty.

Building Resilience: A True Story of Grit and Determination

In a world filled with economic uncertainty, political volatility, unprecedented developments in technology, and increasingly devastating natural  disasters, staying  motivated can feel impossible. The hard truth is that the overwhelm can be paralyzing for people who haven’t developed the resilience and grit to thrive during adversity.

Based on Cara’s bestselling book, Rise: How a House Built a Family, and the story of the desperate times that led her and her children to build their own house using YouTube tutorials, this presentation inspires and challenges audiences to go beyond their comfort zones, conquer self-doubt, and turn overwhelm into action. Her stories, encouragement, and inspiration will give your audience the tools to get back up (and keep moving forward) no matter the challenge or obstacles in their way.


Building Through Change: Getting “Unstuck” and Staying Motivated in a Changing World

In today’s world of constant, unrelenting change, it’s natural  to feel worried  about the future, and, even worse,  unmotivated at the one  time you can least  afford to be unproductive. Instead of wasting time trying to plan for an unpredictable future, the way forward is to take the next step—even  when you don’t know what comes next.

Cara Brookins knows a lot about being adaptable and staying  motivated during turbulent times. Inspired by her bestselling book, Unstuck: End Procrastination Using the Ancient Psychology Behind How-to Videos, this presentation draws  authentic parallels between building a house with her four kids using YouTube videos  and the uncontrollable, changing environments individuals, leaders, and businesses face today. Audiences will learn how to develop the mindset necessary to push  past  their fear of the unknown, remain  adaptable in turbulent times, and continue to take action  when everything feels uncertain.


Building Teams: Lay the Foundation for Effective Teamwork

As businesses enter an era of radical change, teams are distracted, isolated, and more disconnected than ever before. High turnover rates and low productivity  are now the norm at even  the top, leading organizations. But there is a path forward.

Drawing on her incredible story, Cara Brookins motivates audiences with her unconventional strategies for building camaraderie. Cara uses parallels from her construction site to lay out a blueprint to engage every single team member and instill a sense of belonging backed by a shared sense of purpose. Whether you’re a team leader or team member, this presentation equips you with the tools, mindset, and inspiration to not only weather the storm of change but to emerge stronger, more motivated, and better prepared to take on whatever the future holds as a cohesive team.


Building Leaders: Taking Charge in an Ever-Changing World

In today’s rapidly changing global marketplace, leadership is no longer a position, but an essential skillset for everyone who wants to rise above the chaos. The traditional  paradigm of leadership no longer  fits the changing workforce, creating dissatisfaction and a high turnover at every level. But there’s a proven way to fill this void.

In this game-changing presentation, Cara Brookins uses her story as a new foundation for leadership. She takes audiences along  on the construction site to prove  that even  the most unlikely, inexperienced person can step  into a leadership role and do extraordinary things. Her entertaining stories serve as real-life inspiration for individuals from every level of the organization to recognize their innate leadership potential and navigate turbulent times with confidence. By the end of this presentation your audience will understand the specific steps they need to motivate themselves and their teams.

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