Carmen Ciricillo

Carmen Ciricillo

Speaker: Carmen Ciricillo

The Construction Industry Comic


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Carmen Ciricillo is a nationally touring comedian who has performed regularly since winning his first comedy competition at the Cleveland Comedy Club in 1986. Since then, Carmen has covered a lot of ground. Currently he appears daily on the Discovery Channel’s “Your New House” television program. He also has a principle role in three national television commercials for Michael Holigan Homes, filmed in 1999 and currently running. Carmen will also tour on the NASCAR circuit with the #25 car for beginning at the 2000 Daytona 500.

One of the unique aspects of Carmen’s stand up routine is his Construction Comedy routine. From 1990 to 1992 at the “Santa Monica Improv” in California, he developed an act solely based on the construction business. This specialized niche of comedy has been extremely well received not only by the construction industry, but also by audiences in general. Imagine watching a comedian and listening to hilarious, clean humor on a topic you have never heard before. That is what Carmen does!

Of Course, Carmen does have material on other topics such as family, being Italian, relationships and much more. He has performed for hundreds of comedy clubs from “Catch a Rising Star” in Vegas, to the “Punchline” in Atlanta and San Francisco.

Carmen also writes humorous short stories on the construction business for several magazines, has sold jokes to Jay Leno and the “Tonight Show”. He has also does 150 personal appearances at comedy clubs, colleges, corporations, trade shows and associations a year.

Acting has been a new adventure for Carmen. He has been on local and regional shows in the past but things are changing. From his television commercials in 1999 he has been gaining attention for bigger things. Recently he auditioned in New York at “Silvercup Studios” for Executive Producer, David Chase and Casting Director, Georgianne Walken, for the “Sopranos”. Getting on television has increased Carmen’s marketability tremendously and his future has never looked brighter.



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