Catherine Crier

Catherine Crier

Speaker: Catherine Crier

Host, Catherine Crier Live, Award-Winning Journalist and New York Times Bestselling Author


  • The Supreme Court and You
  • Behind the Bench
  • Examining Current Events
  • The Case Against Lawyers

An Emmy, duPont-Columbia, and Gracie Allen award-winning journalist and the youngest state judge to ever be elected in Texas, Catherine Crier joined Court TV’s distinguished team of anchors in November 1999. She served as Executive Editor, Legal News Specials, in addition to hosting Catherine Crier Live, a fast-paced, live daily series, covering the day’s “front-page” stories.

Crier, a Texas-bred independent with a spirited passion for justice, released her first book, the New York Times Best Seller, The Case Against Lawyers in October, 2002. In this eye-opening and plain-spoken treatise on the law, Crier shares her outrage at the state of the justice system and calls on American citizens to demand reform. Her second book, A Deadly Game: the Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation was released in March, 2005 and became a #1 New York Times Best Seller. Her third book, Contempt–How the Right is Wronging American Justice, was published in September, 2006, and Final Analysis: The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case was released in March, 2007.

Crier has hosted episodes of Court TV’s signature primetime series The System and numerous other specials such as The Skakel Jury Speaks with Dominick Dunne and Catherine Crier, Osama bin Laden on Trial and Safe Passage: Voices from the Middle School, part of the network’s public affairs initiative choices and consequences. Crier’s work on The System documentary The Interrogation of Michael Crowe was recognized with a duPont-Columbia award and Crier has received three Gracie Allen awards, presented by the Foundation for American Women in Radio and Television, for Outstanding Program Host, Outstanding Talk Show, and for the Catherine Crier Live special, Grandmothers: Voices from Oklahoma City.

Prior to joining Court TV, Crier anchored The Crier Report for Fox News Channel, a live, hour-long nightly program, during which she interviewed the leading newsmakers of the day. Crier joined FNC after spending three and a half years at ABC News, where she served as a correspondent and as a regular substitute anchor for Peter Jennings on ABC’s World News Tonight, as well as a substitute host for Ted Koppel’s Nightline. She also worked as a correspondent on 20/20, the network’s primetime news magazine program. Crier was awarded a 1996 Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for her work on the segment The Predators which examined nursing home abuses throughout the United States.

The Supreme Court and You

A controversial yet enlightening discussion of the Supreme Court, its power and influence, and the role of politics within the nation’s third branch of government. The Supreme Court and You will reveal the backstage maneuvering, the political strategizing and the extraordinary influence these nine justices have over our everyday lives.

Behind the Bench

This talk is based on the many dramatic cases Ms. Crier has covered. Crier will take you behind the scenes of some of the biggest trials in recent memory including: Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, Michael Skakel, David Westerfield and Winona Ryder. Crier also examines the extraordinary changes in recent years and the important role of television and the media in initiating and sustaining these events.

Examining Current Events

This is a timely look at the domestic and international scene with historical context and political analysis to better understand this moment in history and where the future may lead.

The Case Against Lawyers

Based on her bestselling book Crier passionately speaks on how the lawyers, politicians, and bureaucrats have turned the law into an instrument of tyranny—and what we as citizens have to do about it.


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