Change Is Hard, Sometimes No Change Is Even Harder.

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Change Is Hard, Sometimes No Change Is Even Harder.

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We talk a lot about change / change keynote speakers, within business and personal lives, and how hard change can be, sometimes no change is even harder.  We are not talking about eating the same sandwich every day for lunch, but rather keeping the same routine, whether it be a job or everyday life exciting, fresh (as can be), and motivating. The comfort level of a routine can often be over shadowed by the boredom or helplessness of the same old same old. How does one remain motivated, excited, and stimulated? Is it motivation, is it inspiration, is it simply being resigned to your future, as defined by your past?  At the Collaborative Agency Group we work with a special group of speakers and trainers who can help you flip the script and get a fresh new perspective on what you may perceive as a rut.

alex sheen keynote speakerAlex Sheen – Founder of Because I Said I Would.  Everyone has the chance to become the change.  Through commitment, understanding disappointment, and will you can not only effect change I the world around you but also within yourself.

motivational speakerChad Hymas – World Record Holding Wheelchair Athlete, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker. In an instant unforeseen tragedy can change your place in the world while leaving the world around you stagnant.  Learn to use the tools at your disposal to exploit your new reality event if the world around you has remained the same.


inspirational speaker amanda lindhoutAmanda Lindhout – New York Times Bestselling Author of A House in the Sky, Expert on Resilience, Survival & Optimal Mindset. Resilience while in a sea of stagnation is key, how you deal with the lack of change and keep a positive mindset is not always apparent.  Sometimes an outside voice with a message of hope and some positive action tools is all you need.

Disappointment is an action of everyday life, especially as we grow older.  Whether it be in your personal or business life, you’re going to deal with disappointment.  It’s how you deal with this disappointment that sets people apart and creates the opportunity for success or failure. Be Strong, fight fair, but fight for what you want! And most of all be engaged in your own fight, don’t leave it up to others.

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