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Chip Eichelberger

chip eichelberger


Peak Performance, Motivation, and Sales Strategist, Former Tony Robbins’s International Point Man

Speech Topics Include:

  • Get Switched On! – Reevaluate And Recharge
  • Breaking Barriers – The Board Break Experience
  • Own It! – Take Charge Of Your Performance

Chip Eichelberger is a top peak-performance and motivational virtual keynote speaker, sales strategist, and Tony Robbins’ former International Point Man. He is a proven pro with 1000+ successful events for clients like Genentech, Ford, Hyatt, AXA, Harley Davidson, Proctor & Gamble, Exxon, State Farm, Dun & Bradstreet, and RE/MAX.

Formerly Tony Robbins International point man, Chip has “Switched On” over 1000 conventions for companies like Apple, Hyatt, Astra Zeneca, GM, Equitable and RE/MAX. A proven pro, he has been making meeting planners look like a genius for over 27 years. Chip will be THE energy source for your event and bring a positive energy that will resonate with your audience.

His highly interactive sessions engage people at a deep level and gets them involved in his presentation. He shows individuals how to get Switched On and be the best version of themselves. He does NOT DO A SPEECH!

Chip understands audiences are NOT craving another speech. They are craving the energy and engagement that he brings to EVERY presentation. Chip’s contagious energy will change entire atmosphere of the room! Chip’s talks are customized to fit the theme of the meeting and the business situation of the client.

“I was SHOCKED by the amount of energy Chip was able to instill in our group of manufacturers reps. You delivered on your brand promise: you ARE the energy source!” – Anita Samatas, MR Program Manager, Motorola Solutions

Chip always does his homework, interviewing key employees, researching your company, industry, and marketplace so his material is relevant and reinforces your conference message.

Chip is consistently told by the organizations that hire him that most speakers were a “rental” and that he was a true partner in making their event a success!

Chip began his career after 4 successful years as a sales rep for Jantzen Sportswear he was let go after the second company buyout. His career soon took an exciting turn. He went to work with the world-renowned Tony Robbins in San Diego where things really took off. He was Sales Leader of the Year each year on the road. He hired, trained and led sales teams around the U.S. and became Robbins’ international point man planting the Robbin’s flag in Australia and the UK.

“Chip is a friend, an excellent communicator, and a man committed to constant and never-ending improvement. His experience, energy and engagement will make a difference for any company” – Anthony Robbins, Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist

Leveraging that success and unique speaking experience, Chip decided to launch his own brand. He has spoken in every state in the US and Australia, every Province of Canada and eight countries.

He has prepared and delivered over 1,000+ high-energy presentations for organizations like State Farm, Hyatt, DOW, Harley Davidson, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, RE/MAX, Smoothie King, Honey Baked Ham, Mass Mutual, Wells Fargo, Campbell’s Soup and Blue Cross/Blue Shield and over 100 associations.

“Thank for being a key part of the James Hardie Contractor Summit. The energy in the room was awesome. Our 400 customers and JH employees left the session excited about have a better plan to be more effective selling in the home with testimonials and helping turning their customers into their salespeople. – Jeff Kemerley, Director Repair & Remodel, James Hardie

Perfect to position Chip to OPEN and/or CLOSE your event. He often does both and “bookends” your program with his opening customized keynote and then closes with his famous Board Break Experience.

Chip is one of only 7% of the members of the National Speakers Association to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation. He has created numerous audio, video and printed products. He newest book is The Smart Guide To Accomplishing Your Goals.

Get Switched On! – Reevaluate And Recharge

The ability to ‘Get Switched On’ and be at your best consistently is essential to compete and excel in todays marketplace. This high-energy, interactive session challenges everyone to acknowledge the difference between good and GREAT. This is an interactive experience, not a speech!

They will reevaluate their long team vision, game plan, mindset and what is really important. Chip challenges people to take a hard look at their attitude and current results. This program will get you plugged back in and switched on!  How can you be a catalyst and bring your “A Game” consistently to perform at your best. When it is “show time” you need to be “show ready.”

Getting switched on is about energy and impact. The goal for the session is to have each person pursue their work and life with renewed tenacity and contagious energy.  This is NOT a speech. This is an interactive, high-energy, challenging experience that will get you involved and engaged.


Breaking Barriers – The Board Break Experience

Chip is famous for this one-of-a-kind experience. How will you close your next event in a memorable way and send the audience out the door charging?  The board break is an intense, emotional and climatic physical metaphor dedicated to breaking through barriers and pushing your team spirit to new and lasting heights.

This is the BEST activity to get a large group involved in a compelling physical activity that they will always remember. When people and the team breakthrough their barriers and limiting beliefs, the impossible becomes possible! Watch the video to see for yourself! Often added to other keynotes to create an extraordinary half-day presentation.


Own It! – Take Charge Of Your Performance

Chip shows how taking ownership of your results, beliefs and attitude will ignite tremendous performance improvements.  “Own It!” taps the hidden potential inside each member of your team. It helps people confront the brutal facts about their current situation and take action on the implications immediately.

This program inspires accountability, personal responsibility, growth mindset, and a long-term view of success. Many companies have chosen OWN IT as the theme for their event.

Even if you’ve settled for less in the past, or your company hasn’t gotten the results it wants, you’ve got what it takes to make it happen. Small individual decisions can lead to a greater sense of ownership and big results; bigger changes can lead to innovation and revolutionary change. Let Chip show you and your team how to Own It!


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