Chris Bashinelli

Speaker Chris Bashinelli motivational keynotes

Chris Bashinelli

Speaker Chris Bashinelli motivational keynotes

Speaker: Chris Bashinelli

TV Host, Nat Geo Explorer and sought after Speaker

Speech Topics Include:

  • Step Into Your Potential – Change Your Mind, Change Your World
  • Embracing Diversity, Building Stronger Teams – The Power Of Human Connection
  • Renew Employee Burnout, Renew Inspiration – Mindfulness, Mental Health And Creating A Healthy Workforce
  • Start At “Step Z” – A Step By Step Method For Happiness, Meaning And Professional Success


Chris Bashinelli is an Actor/Activist from Brooklyn, New York, whose TV career spans MTV to The Sopranos. He has traveled from Tanzania to Thailand hosting the internationally recognized TV Series Bridge the Gap TV with speaker Chris Bashinelli (broadcast into 45M homes in 80 markets).

He’s a celebrated Emcee and Guest Speaker for the United Nations, at Jane Goodall’s National Leadership Retreat, and at events in Qatar, Rio de Janeiro, and Abu Dhabi.

After years of reading headlines about world hunger, human suffering and extreme poverty, Chris traveled to Tanzania with a Sony handy cam and came home with a new found meaning for life.

He returned to New York to face tragedy and within two years would bury his father due to cancer. These turbulent times forced Chris to find meaning, and he did so in Bridge the Gap.

He now travels to impoverished areas worldwide to find out first-hand how the other half of the world lives. Chris is the producer and host of Bridge the Gap, an internationally recognized travel series that fosters intercultural dialogue by highlighting stories of everyday life from around the world.

Chris is the founder of the socially-conscious production company, Bridge the Gap TV. He has interviewed everyone from Ben and Jerry to NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo, and has formed partnerships with the world’s leading non-profit organizations, including the Jane Goodall Institute and Do Something.

Chris’ experience is in the world of film, with credits ranging from The Sopranos (HBO), to An Inconvenient Truth Special on MTV. He holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts (Cum Laude) from Marymount Manhattan College. He is an Eagle Scout and a United Nations Guest Speaker. He has spoken at international youth conferences and Emceed in the UN General Assembly Hall with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Chris is determined beyond measure to produce wide-reaching, socially conscious media.

Step Into Your Potential – Change Your Mind, Change Your World

Potential is the space between “where we are” and “where we want to be”, it is our unrealized abilities, personally, professionally and as an organization. Stepping into our potential means understanding that it is only because of challenge, not in spite of it, that we can become our best selves. In this one of a kind keynote, colored with international stories of adventure, resilience and triumph – Bash shares the power available to each of us when we stop seeing challenge as an obstacle to success, and instead as the very vehicle by which we can achieve it.

From a remote Chinese village that rebuilds after a devastating fire, to a young Tanzanian filmmaker’s unimaginable dream come true, to Bash’s own personal experience of tragedy to triumph – this talk reminds us that when we change our minds, we truly can change our world. We will only realize our potential as an organization when every single team member is committed to realizing their strength individually. This keynote experience is at once a call to action for each of us personally as it is a reminder of the impact that’s possible when we tap into our collective strength as an organization.


Embracing Diversity, Building Stronger Teams – The Power Of Human Connection

It is only when every single team member, from the office manager to the CEO, feels safe to bring their whole, most authentic selves to work each and every day, that our organization can realize it’s full potential. As long as any single employee feels that they have to hide who they are in the workplace, we will be leaving untapped potential on the table – and our results will suffer. From his childhood “Stoop” in Brooklyn where his friends shared a combined total of over 13 nationalities, to his grandparents that immigrated to the USA from Lebanon through Ellis Island, Bash’s understanding of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is built into the very fabric of his DNA.

Pulling from experiences in over 40 countries as a National Geographic Explorer, living with nomads in Mongolia, farming for tea on the hillsides of China, and Sumo wrestling the heaviest Japanese human being in recorded history, Bash shares in very simple steps how to create an environment where employees not only feel safe – but empowered to bring their whole selves to work – creating trust and allowing our organization to tap into the power of our shared humanity. By recognizing the strength in our diverse experiences, cultures, identities and perspectives we tap into a power that is far greater than we could ever imagine.


Renew Employee Burnout, Renew Inspiration – Mindfulness, Mental Health And Creating A Healthy Workforce

We are working harder, longer and under more pressure than ever before – but without a mindful approach to our work, one that reduces stress and renews inspiration – this type of employee output is entirely unsustainable. If we are to succeed as an organization we must find a way to not only manage, but transform the stresses and pressures of our constantly changing world. From economic downturns, to global pandemics, to employee shortages, the list of stress factors is endless. Although there is so much that is outside of our control, there is one thing we always have control over – our minds.

Drawing from more than a decade of in depth meditation and mindfulness studies and interviews with some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders, Bash walks attendees through a powerful approach to mindfulness – one that we can apply in our work and our lives here and now. Bash shares the practical tools he’s used to reduce stress, increase productivity and create peace of mind – all while hosting an international television series for National Geographic, leading life-changing expeditions around the world, and maintaining a hectic international travel schedule for over fifteen years. From gratitude practice, to smart phone “retreats”, to guided meditations, Bash reminds us that creating a healthy workforce begins with each of us playing our part and taking responsibility over our own minds.


Start At “Step Z” – A Step By Step Method For Happiness, Meaning And Professional Success

What is your “Step Z”? The goal you feel will bring you ultimate fulfillment, joy and professional success? For each of us our Step Z looks and feels different. For some it’s a bigger house, a higher paying client, a prettier partner, or a trip to the Caribbean.  The simplest way to define our Step Z is to fill in this blank –  “I will only be happy if I have ______”. Our Step Z is very illusive because we never actually achieve it – in the moment that we have it, we’ve already moved our happiness onto our next Step Z and away from ourselves. As long as we maintain this mentality we will never be truly happy or fulfilled.

So long as we hold our Step Z, be it a higher paying client, a new house, or a better looking body, to be our ultimate source of happiness, we keep ourselves in a disempowered state, one that is completely vulnerable to the changing conditions of our lives. Coming from this place of “need” it is a definite way to lose business, relationships and any form of success we seek. When we get what we want, we are happy, when we don’t, we are sad. Is this any way to live?

In this revolutionary talk Bash walks attendees through a step by step process that he’s applied for more than fifteen years as a social entrepreneur – forging creative partnerships with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, executive producing an international television series for the National Geographic Channel, and becoming one of the youngest moderators in the history of the United Nations – all with no prior professional experience.

When we realize what we are seeking is not the actual achievement of our Step Z, but the internal feeling we think it will bring, we step into a truly empowered place – a place from which we are far more productive, happy and likely to achieve our goals. From this place we are empowered and no longer vulnerable to the inevitable changing tides of business and of life. By realizing that our ultimate Step Z is not the achievement of any one goal, but the realization of our highest potential – our entire life becomes a vehicle for growth and success.


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