Culture and Equity Speakers , Make Your Organization Hum!

derald wing sue

Culture and Equity Speakers , Make Your Organization Hum!

Organizational Culture and DEI Issues are tied together.  CAG Speakers Bureau works with the best Culture and Equity Speakers. Get a leg up on your competition by having the best team culture spurring high performance.

Polly LaBarre

Authority on Leading Organizational Change; Co-founder, Management Lab; Founding Team, Fast Company; and Co-author, Mavericks at Work.

The Human Edge: Designing Work To Create A Cultural Advantage

Today’s whirlwind of challenges—pandemic, social turbulence, economic uncertainty, looming climate catastrophe—has revealed just how inhospitable our organizations are to the human beings who work inside them. It’s not enough to ask which is the right hybrid work policy. It’s past time to ask: what kinds of organizations would we design if we genuinely believed in the inherent value, fundamental goodness, and unlimited potential of every person? Short answer: they’d be very different. In this talk, Polly LaBarre unpacks design rules for unleashing your organization’s full human and creative capacity and lays out a path for humanizing work,

Derald Wing Sue

Author of the acclaimed book Microaggressions in Everyday Life, pioneer in the field of multicultural psychology, multicultural education, multicultural counseling and therapy, and the psychology of racism/antiracism.

Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation, Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice

Microaggressions take many forms in everyday life, from the workplace to the grocery store.  Professor Sue helps organizations unpack what microaggressions in everyday life are and how to better help your people recognize and shift the paradigm to a more equity driven environment suitable to develop talent in to a dynamic and inclusive team.

Dr Shirley Davis

Global Workforce & DEI Expert; Corporate Executive and CEO; Best-selling Author; Popular LinkedIn Learning Author; Master of Reinvention.

Cultivating Cultures of Inclusion and High Performance

Many companies tout how much progress they have made in their diversity efforts because they have recruited more diverse talent and offered D & I training. But if achieving representation, counting heads, and raising awareness is all that you do, and you don’t have a welcoming or inclusive workplace culture, your efforts will not be sustainable. So what does it take to create this kind of culture—one that attracts top talent, increases performance and engagement, fosters collaboration and trust, and creates a WOW experience that makes great workers want to stay?

Dr. Shirley Davis, a recognized authority on the global workforce and leadership effectiveness will detail the latest research and future trends on the global changing demographics and the implications for how the workers and the work will be impacted. She will also outline innovative strategies for how winning cultures are created and become great places to work. More importantly, she’ll identify what new leadership skills and competencies will be needed in order to achieve high performance, innovation, and inclusiveness.

Chris Bashinelli

TV Host, Nat Geo Explorer and sought after Speaker

Embracing Diversity, Building Stronger Teams – The Power Of Human Connection

It is only when every single team member, from the office manager to the CEO, feels safe to bring their whole, most authentic selves to work each and every day, that our organization can realize it’s full potential. As long as any single employee feels that they have to hide who they are in the workplace, we will be leaving untapped potential on the table – and our results will suffer. From his childhood “Stoop” in Brooklyn where his friends shared a combined total of over 13 nationalities, to his grandparents that immigrated to the USA from Lebanon through Ellis Island, Bash’s understanding of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is built into the very fabric of his DNA.

Pulling from experiences in over 40 countries as a National Geographic Explorer, living with nomads in Mongolia, farming for tea on the hillsides of China, and Sumo wrestling the heaviest Japanese human being in recorded history, Bash shares in very simple steps how to create an environment where employees not only feel safe – but empowered to bring their whole selves to work – creating trust and allowing our organization to tap into the power of our shared humanity. By recognizing the strength in our diverse experiences, cultures, identities and perspectives we tap into a power that is far greater than we could ever imagine.

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