Dan Dunn

Dan Dunn

Speaker: Dan Dunn

Paintjam™ is an exciting, adrenaline-filled, improvisational painting performance your guests will not want to miss!


  • Dan Dunn’s PaintJam

A native Houstonian, Dan Dunn has a background in painting, illustration, design and caricature.

He received worldwide attention when his teenage daughter posted a video of his performance art “Paintjam” on youtube. She spread the word on social networking sites and it took off like a rocket.

The video of Dan painting Ray Charles has received over 13 million hits and propelled Dan into a full time career performing all over the globe, proving that the three fastest forms of communication are: telephone, television and tell a teenager!

Dan studied painting at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. He specialized in oil painting and watercolor and also enjoyed sculpture and life drawing.

His painting professor, Harry Ahysen, ( who was neither, he was a balding white guy,) would tell him, “Dan, you can paint until the day you drop. When your hand gets a little shakey, you just tell them it’s a new technique!” Dan is taking that to the bank and having great fun during his “midlife crisis” painting for standing ovations and huge crowds wherever he goes.

Dan has appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show, the Superbowl XLIV Pre Game Show, The Ellen Show, The Carson Daly Show, The CBS Early Show, Good Day New York, Fox News Morning Show, (New York), as well as television shows in the Middle East, Turkey and a Japanese prime time special.

Dan Dunn’s PaintJam


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