Daryl Johnston

Daryl Johnston

Speaker: Daryl Johnston

Former Dallas Cowboys Fullback and Winner of Three Super Bowl Titles; Commentator and Analyst, NFL on Fox


  • An Insider’s Look at the Game of Football
  • Teamwork: It’s Not All About You

Former Dallas Cowboys player Daryl Johnston is considered one of the best fullbacks of his day.  Nicknamed “Moose” by a teammate and beloved by fans, Johnston won three Super Bowl titles and was selected to two Pro Bowls, including as the first blocking fullback ever selected to the NFC Pro Bowl team. Today, he occupies the NFL on FOX’s No. 2 broadcast booth as a color commentator.

A true student of the game, Johnston’s keen analysis has been well-received, prompting the New York Daily News to report: “Johnston consistently delivers the most credible player’s-eye view of the game.”

An Insider’s Look at the Game of Football

Join Daryl “Moose” Johnston, popular Fox Sports broadcaster and respected former fullback for the Dallas Cowboys, as he goes deep into one of America’s most popular sports. Appropriate for audiences from the “football widow” to the avid addict, Johnston covers the game down by down, all in his characteristic style: clear, opinionated, and passionate. The Moose knows that spectators who just follow the football are missing much of the game. We see the quarterback hand the ball to the running back and the linebacker make the tackle. But there are twenty-two guys on the field on every play. Here, Johnston draws upon his playing experience and years of expert analysis on television to bring the entire field into focus.

Teamwork: It’s Not All About You

As the Dallas Cowboys’ lead fullback, Daryl Johnston was the main blocker for Emmitt Smith, as Smith went on to become the all-time NFL rushing leader. It was Johnston’s selflessness and dedication to his team that allowed him to be the key to Smith’s success and “hang back” while Smith had the spotlight. However, Smith recognized Johnston’s role in his achievement and always acknowledged it.  This led to a deep trust and relationship between the two men and as a model for the team.  In this presentation, Johnston discusses how to work effectively with teammates to build trust, respect and growth for the organization – and win three Super Bowls.


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