David DeBoy

David DeBoy

Speaker: David DeBoy

Actor, motivational speaker and business communication specialist


  • Team Fun-damentals
  • Star Performers
  • DeBoy’s DeEmCee
  • Direct to the Top
  • Star Communicators – Presentation Skills Illustrating Performance
  • Marketing Yourself – You Are Your Own Brand
  • Comical Commerce – the Selective Use Of Humor in Your Daily Business

Teamwork, leadership and creativity delivered in a humorist fashion from an Emmy Award winning writer and actor.

As an award-winning Producer, Director, Writer, and Actor, David DeBoy has crafted sensational message materials for Fortune 500 companies, associations and government institutions for over twenty years. With that extensive background he saw a need for improved practices in collaboration and communication in the everyday office. Soon, he was bringing his unconventional and often hysterical message to GSA FedFleet, The National Business Travel Association The National Association of Counties, and the Defense Contract Management Agency who presented him with their CIO Award of Excellence.

Team Fun-damentals

 David DeBoy is truly the world’s most outrageous expert on teambuilding. David involves the audience in cutting-edge exercises that, through laughter and learning, demonstrate how successful teams listen to one another, share best practices, communicate more efficiently, and arrive at better decisions faster. Caution: this ain’t your father’s team-building! Excellent as an energetic opening or a spectacular climax to any conference, David’s performance will bring your group together as never before.

Star Performers

A humorous exploration of the creative methods used by the most successful performers in show business and how they relate to peak performance in business. David recounts hilarious personal anecdotes from his years in front of the camera, and translates those performance skills into valuable business skills. Every attendee becomes a star during this memorable presentation.

DeBoy’s DeEmCee

Many organizations bring David back to host their events year after year as an Emcee and Moderator. As such, he’ll bring short bursts of energy onstage between awards at a single ceremony, or between speakers throughout your entire conference. He has creatively opened General Sessions in front of thousands, moderated serious panel discussions, closed programs with a “bang” and most importantly kept the event flowing smoothly in an entertaining and memorable fashion.

Direct to the Top

How do you learn the secrets of Great Leadership? As an award-winning director who has coached CEO’s and Executive Teams, David reveals how the world’s greatest Directors (movie and corporate) make magic and move mountains to create their vision for all the world to see.

Star Communicators – Presentation Skills Illustrating Performance

With over thirty years as a professional actor in front of the broadcast and film cameras, microphone and live audiences, David DeBoy will share a wealth of information that will bring your communication skills to a new level. He has directed and coached actors and civilians, managers and CEO’s and now he brings that know-how to you. Whether you need to persuade an audience of thousands, or negotiate one-on-one, there are “tricks of the trade” that will make your message memorable and your point of view irrefutable. Whether you need to communicate or negotiate, the old saying is right – it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it; and David’s entertaining and enlightening program will teach you HOW.

Marketing Yourself – You Are Your Own Brand

You spend a lot of time focused on the image of your business. But have you taken a look, a really good look at yourself? How are you perceived? Why should business professionals consider marketing themselves? Because in reality they are selling themselves every day.

With 30 years of marketing himself in Show Business, David DeBoy believes that when it comes to your image, every business is Show Business. And he’ll illustrate the most effective ways to market yourself as your own Brand.

Comical Commerce – the Selective Use Of Humor in Your Daily Business

Everyone loves to laugh, but when is it proper and productive in the business setting?

David DeBoy has made his living making people laugh – not only as an actor, playwright, and professional speaker, but also as a Business Communications Specialist. He has made excellent use of the effective properties of comedy in Corporate Marketing Materials, Government Training Films, and Executive Presentations. David will provide solid guidelines of when to employ comedy and when to steer clear as he shows you hysterical and horrifying examples of some of the best and worst uses of corporate clowning around.


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