David Glickman

corp humorist

David Glickman

corp humorist

Speaker: David Glickman

A High Energy Humorist

Speech Topics Include:

  • Changing Your Perspective To Produce Powerful Results
  • When You Just Want To Laugh!
  • Improvisation Exercises For Creativity & Thinking On Your Feet
  • Prescription-Strength Humor Exclusively For Healthcare Professionals



Speaker David Glickman has been a professional speaker and entertainer for over twenty five years and has presented over 2000 programs.  Before transitioning from “show business” to “business shows,” he worked with everyone from The Beach Boys to Steve Martin and performed at private parties for singer Gloria Estefan and former President Jimmy Carter.

He has appeared on “Evening At The Improv” and several other national television shows—including the national PBS special “Miami Comedy Fest,” for which he also served as the Executive Producer.

Not content to rely solely on outside opportunities for bookings during those years, David opened his very own comedy club in Miami.  Despite its unlikely location in the lounge of a Howard Johnson hotel, the club grew into the most popular comedy venue in Miami.

One club led to another, and eventually David was operating a chain of comedy clubs, both in South Florida and in Atlantic City casinos.  His entrepreneurial skills paid off, as the clubs continued to thrive and received praise in Rolling Stone Magazine and other publications.

There was a larger benefit for David, though, as the clubs served as a constant platform for his creating and customizing large volumes of material on a regular basis.  This was the key to his gradual pivot from comedy stages to corporate stages.

In the late 1990’s, David moved full-time into professional speaking.  Since that time he has been able to share innovative strategies with his corporate audiences for creating an incredible Work-Laugh Balance. He is an expert in “finding the funny” in the wide array of companies and associations to whom he has spoken—and translates that humor into a powerful keynote message that resonates with audiences everywhere.

In 2011, David received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.  This is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association, achieved by less than 10% of professional speakers.

In 2016, David was awarded the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) and inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.  This is a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism.  To date, 232 men and women have received this honor.

In additional to his live programs, David also operates “Funnier Speeches,” America’s only writing service that specializes in ‘punching up’ speeches with humor.

David makes his home in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two sons.  They are also very funny.

Changing Your Perspective To Produce Powerful Results

Why is everyone so serious?  Just look around the average workplace and you’ll see most employees dealing with the stress of constant change, increased expectations, and having to do more with less.

Well, the bad news is that those stressors are probably not going away any time soon.  But the good news—the awesome news—is that there’s another way to approach them.  Another way that successfully removes the stress that accompanies these challenges—and transforms them into coping strategies that will have you laughing instead of loathing.

Certified Speaking Professional David Glickman will teach you how Funny Is The New Serious.  He will show you how by simply changing your perspective you will experience a profound way of handling whatever challenges life sends your way.

“Funny Is The New Serious” is not so much a typical general session ‘speech’ as it is a full-blown high-energy one-man show.  It’s got observational humor, funny visuals & props, hilarious song parodies, and a big “rock and roll” finish!    All of which serve as a delivery mechanism for a very powerful message.

BONUS: In addition to his prepared material, David will also sit through any general sessions that precede his, logistics permitting, and then offer an ‘instant comedic summary’ of the other programs as part of his presentation.  In addition to the entertainment value, this segment of David’s keynote provides a very effective reinforcement of any other messages and themes that have been offered throughout your event.


When You Just Want To Laugh!

If you’re looking for a program that’s strictly entertainment, this one’s for you!  With Custom Corporate Comedy, no two programs are ever alike.  This program of clean, clever, customized material is all about YOUR people, YOUR industry, YOUR products, YOUR services.

Your group will be incredibly impressed when they realize that you have had the program created exclusively for them and for this event.  David presents the most current and relevant humor for your group’s specific industry or place of employment.  He can also include a comedic take on any theme or initiative that your group is embracing (or resisting)!


Improvisation Exercises For Creativity & Thinking On Your Feet

In the same way that traditional exercise can hone your body’s muscles, there are exciting improvisation exercises that can hone your brain’s ‘muscles.’    These fun-filled exercises will increase your ability for Problem-Solving, Brainstorming, Quicker Decision-Making, Collaboration, Handling Risk and Sharpening Your Focus.

All participation in the improv games is strictly voluntary—attendees can “play”—or simply sit back and observe and learn.  Either way, the skills you learn in this Breakout Session will be invaluable for your success at both work and at home.  It is a safe, judgment-free environment that just happens to be the most fun you’ll ever have while you’re learning!


Prescription-Strength Humor Exclusively For Healthcare Professionals

Open your mouth and say “Ha!”  You’ve never seen a funnier way of looking at Medical Technology, HIPAA, Patient Relations, Managed Care, Medical Specialists, Healthcare Bureaucracy, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Joint Commission, HCAHPS, CMS, and much more!    “A Dose of Healthcare Humor” is designed to positively address situations and frustrations that the typical healthcare professional deals with in his or her job—in an incredibly entertaining way.

It’s non-offensive, non-invasive humor—both clean and clever.   And it qualifies for CE and CME!

David Glickman puts the med in comedy and the Comedy in Medicine.


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