Dewitt Jones

Speaker Dewitt Jones Creativity keynotes

Dewitt Jones

Speaker Dewitt Jones Creativity keynotes

Speaker: Dewitt Jones

Award-Winning National Geographic Photographer


  • Extraordinary Visions
  • Dare to Dance
  • Clear Vision

Keynote speaker Dewitt Jones’ 20 years of experience as a freelance photographer forNational Geographic earned him a reputation as a world-class photojournalist. However, it was his work at the forefront of corporate creative marketing photographing national advertising campaigns for Dewar’s Scotch, Canon, and United Airlines where he proved the effectiveness of the creative process in the business setting. Jones has published nine books, including The Nature of Leadership, created in collaboration with business guru, Stephen R. Covey.

Motivational speaker Dewitt Jones instructs audiences how to rediscover and channel their own creative gifts, and encourages them to discard the restraints and impediments that inhibit these energies. He offers expanded sessions that invite participants to interact with and experience the creative process.

Extraordinary Visions

Where do we find the vision to take our lives to the next level? How do we summon the passion to keep “raising the bar”? How can we make our life less of a struggle and more of a joy? For photographer and creativity expert, Dewitt Jones, the answers to these questions lie in the images we hold about ourselves, our future and the way in which we grow.

Dare to Dance

Dare to Dance is a version of Dewitt’s “Extraordinary Visions”
program customized for meetings in Hawaii. The themes of Vision, Passion, Purpose and Creativity are interlaced with stories and images drawn from Dewitt’s time in these beautiful Pacific Isles.

Clear Vision

In his keynote presentation, award winning photographer Dewitt Jones explores the fundamentals of creativity – what they are, how they exist in each of us, and how to remove the blocks that keep us from accessing them. Using his own exceptional photographs as examples, Dewitt helps his audiences see the world with new eyes and rediscover their own creative gifts.


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