Diane Sieg

Speaker Diane Sieg Nurse & Health Care Keynote Speaker

Diane Sieg

Speaker Diane Sieg Nurse & Health Care Keynote Speaker

Speaker: Diane Sieg

Balanced living, Nurse, and life-style expert

Speech Topics Include:

  • STOP Living Life Like an Emergency!
  • Chaos to CALM:- Reclaiming the Spirit of Nursing
  • Chaos to CALM:- Leading in Challenging Times
  • Chaos to CALM in 30 Days!- The Mindfulness Challenge

From the chaos of the emergency room to the calm of her yoga mat, professional speaker, published author, certified yoga teacher,  life coach, and speaker Diane Sieg will give your life-saving strategies by showing you how to take care of yourself, take charge of your life, and take daily action!

With high energy and heartfelt stories, her opening keynote sets a positive tone to start your meeting or her closing keynote ends your conference with a bang, sending your group home with a clear and strong message about the importance of life balance and self-care.

Audiences leave with the permission and practical skills they need to be more authentic, productive, and balanced in every area of their lives.  Diane holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest certification for a speaking professional, earned by less than 10% of the professional speakers in the world.

As an emergency room nurse for over 20 years, I have seen it all.   The 40-year-old executive who fell asleep at the wheel because she was too tired.  The electrician with 80 percent of his body burned because he got too distracted.  The young mother of four who ignored the lump in her breast the size of a grapefruit!

Although I literally put people back together in the ER, I have always been more interested in empowering people to breakthrough and take care of themselves before they break down.   As a professional speaker Diane Siege, since 1996, I have spoken to thousands of men and women in health care, sales, banking and women’s conferences.   I have also been involved in the health and fitness field for over 20 years, as a lifesaving coach, seminar leader, personal trainer, and fitness instructor teaching everything from kick-boxing to my current passion,  yoga.

I wrote my first book, STOP Living Life Like an Emergency, because I wanted to illustrate how so many of us were living in such a frenetic state of more, better, faster.  While I was very close to this material as a nurse and as your typical overachiever, in recent years life events have allowed me to go deeper with my personal journey.  My most recent work  focuses on teaching people how to move from chaos to calm by increasing their awareness and setting their intentions with a daily practice.

I have lived in Colorado for the past 20 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else since I love to be outside as much as I can.   I have two nephews who I adore and still consider “my boys” even though they are 18 and 20 and wear size 15 shoes!  I stay sane and active with yoga, gardening, hiking, and biking.

STOP Living Life Like an Emergency!

Why are we all in such a rush?  Running around like everything is an emergency?   Emergency living is full of chaos and crisis-caretaking and when we are in it, we can’t make rational, let alone optimal decisions.

Using real-life stories from her 23 years as an emergency room nurse, speaker, author, mindfulness coach and yoga teacher, Diane Sieg will show you how to get out of the emergency room of life by using practical mindfulness skills and tools that change your mind and train your brain to:

  • Become aware of your current state of emergency living
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety in the moment
  • Increase your ability to focus, connect, and problem-solve
  • Improve your overall well-being

Chaos to CALM:- Reclaiming the Spirit of Nursing

Do you remember when you first decided to become a nurse? For most of us, the decision was a defining moment—not only for you, but for every hand you have held, every brow you have wiped and every tear you have shared with patients and their families.  But short staffing, increased acuities and the complexities of care provide daunting challenges for nurses everywhere today. And sometimes we can lose our spirit in it all.

Let Diane challenge and inspire you to reclaim your passion and pride for nursing with personal stories, practical strategies, and interactive exercises. You will remember why you chose the noble profession of nursing and why you stay!

Chaos to CALM:- Leading in Challenging Times

What do Google, General Mills, Target, Apple, Nike, and Procter & Gamble all have in common?  They have engaged their leaders in mindfulness and found it improves productivity, performance, and overall quality of life, both at home and work.

Chaos to CALM in 30 Days!- The Mindfulness Challenge

Discover how organizations are decreasing the stress of their employees an average of 24.3% in just 30 days!   This unique challenge gives your employees the skills, structure and support to practice mindfulness.   With a commitment from each participant to practice a minimum of 5 minutes a day, the challenge will help you train your brain and change your life, with immediate results!


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