Doug Lipp

Doug Lipp

Speaker: Doug Lipp

Former Head of Training, Walt Disney University and Best-Selling Author


  • Lead the Way, Your Customers and Employees Will Follow
  • The Magic of Exceptional Customer Service
  • Even Monkeys Fall From Trees, Learn From Mistakes and Embrace Change
  • Beyond Stuck in the Middle Seat™ Welcome Change & Take Control
  • The Changing Face of Today’s Customer

Build the Culture. Live the Culture. Differentiate!

Candid. Passionate. Relevant. Doug Lipp is on a crusade to help organizations strengthen their corporate culture, boost business performance, and unapologetically, have fun while doing it.

Doug is a distinguished international consultant, eight-time author, and former head of training at the legendary Disney University. His latest book is the best-selling Disney U: How Disney University Develops the World’s Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees.

At age 29, Doug’s celebrated talent catapulted him to the helm of the legendary Disney University training team at Walt Disney corporate headquarters.  Fluent in Japanese, Doug also helped Disney open its first international theme park as a member of the Tokyo Disneyland start-up team.

Drawing on his 30 plus years of combined experience at Disney and in private practice, Doug inspires and challenges hundreds of organizations worldwide. In presentations, he shares how Disney overcame spectacular strategic challenges to unleash one of the most improbable success stories in corporate history.

Through riveting examples and powerful, relevant stories about innovation, service, value and leadership, Doug pulls back the curtain and reveals the behaviors, tools and attitudes that are representative of cultural excellence at Disney and other great institutions. He also discusses common organizational traps that undermine companies and impede their ability to build a thriving and sustainable culture.

Consistently ranked as one of the best presenters every time he speaks, Doug painstakingly researches and customizes each of his presentations. He underscores how a company’s current culture is affecting its business, and then provides insights and actionable ideas on how they can build an even better business based on leadership, teamwork and innovation. After his presentation, which includes experiential exercises and participant-centered activities, you will have a blueprint for creating and perpetuating a culture of significance unique to your organization.

Lead the Way, Your Customers and Employees Will Follow

What is the magic of Disney? How can you duplicate it? Doug’s leadership experience at the Walt Disney University provides fascinating stories, unique insights, and invaluable lessons. Learn how legendary service is a delicate balance that attends to both the art and science needs of your employees and customers. “Doing the ordinary in an extraordinary fashion” isn’t rocket science – customer service excellence should be ingrained in the culture of every company. In this ever-changing economy, more companies than ever before are realizing the strategic importance of transforming their service into a market differentiator.


The Magic of Exceptional Customer Service

Doug’s Walt Disney University training experience provides fascinating stories, unique insights, and invaluable lessons. Learn how certain skills, attitudes and behavior contribute to exceptional performance to build, win, and keep market share. Service and attitude affect your bottom line. Doug’s active listening strategy, R.A.P.S. introduces techniques for improved communication, building internal and external relationships, and handling unpleasant confrontations. His well-known “Life as Tigger” story animates how employees can positively address intra-departmental strife. Doug shares Disney’s “SCSE” comprehensive service philosophy to illustrate how Disney achieves and maintains service excellence and loyalty. Other popular topics include Disney’s show business service language and concepts, including why the terms “on-stage and off-stage behavior”, “cast member”, and “costumes” encourage employees to put on their best “show” for the “guest”.


Even Monkeys Fall From Trees, Learn From Mistakes and Embrace Change

Even the best and the brightest make mistakes. However, the ability to deal with setbacks, then bounce back even stronger is the hallmark of consistent market leaders. Join Doug as he takes you on a “behind the scenes” tour of the Walt Disney Company to learn about both its successes and how it overcame spectacular obstacles by challenging the status quo and embracing change. Successful organizations embrace the attitude of “change or perish” and are willing to reinvent themselves. How do the best organizations overcome growth traps which include turf wars, hierarchical barriers and creative stagnation? Doug provides examples of how world-class leaders have eliminated these barriers to improvement and enthusiastically embraced change. The world is changing, are you?


Beyond Stuck in the Middle Seat™ Welcome Change & Take Control

What’s the worst place in an airplane? The middle seat! Why? You’re literally stuck in a rotten place, possibly for a long time, and you can’t do anything about it. Or can you? During this presentation, Doug uses the middle seat as a metaphor for what happens to all of us in life. How do you deal with unfortunate situations? When in a situation that you “can’t control,” what options do you actually have? This entertaining and thought-provoking presentation addresses such topics as: Creative Problem Solving, Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, and Career Development. Join Doug for some fun as he addresses everything from life-on-the-road horror stories to dealing with organizational change.


The Changing Face of Today’s Customer

The globe is shrinking….is your business expanding? All companies that expand globally or provide products to culturally diverse customers run into problems. Learn what companies such as IBM, Starbucks, Procter & Gamble, Intel and Disney have discovered (often the hard way) and how you can benefit from those lessons. Doug gives real-life examples that support the concept of think globally, but act locally. This presentation is a “must” for groups that serve a culturally diverse customer base, either domestically or internationally.


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