Dr Daniel Kraft

Dr Daniel Kraft

Speaker: Dr Daniel Kraft

Founder and Executive Director, Exponential Medicine (formerly FutureMed), Medicine Track Faculty Chair, Singularity University, Founder & CEO, IntelliMedicine, & Bioniq Health, Inventor of the MarrowMiner, Frequent TED and TEDMED Speaker


  • The Future of Health & Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?

Dr. Kraft is a world renowned visionary in medicine. His expertise has led him to chair the Medicine Track at Singularity University and serve as the Executive Director for FutureMed, focused on leveraging exponential technologies in health and medicine over the next decade. He has presented for many high profile organizations, including TED, TEDMED, the Economist Forums and NPR. As a physician, Dr. Kraft specializes in hematology/oncology & bone marrow transplantation, and has done extensive research in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. He has multiple scientific publications, medical device, immunology and stem cell related patents. He has founded two companies focused on his inventions and vision of the future in healthcare. Dr. Kraft advises many companies and organizations, including the X-Prize and health incubators. He captivates and engages his audience with a fast paced view into the near future of medicine that changes their outlook and influences their own behavior regarding their health.

The Future of Health & Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?

From the prospective of a leading physician, scientist and innovator this talk examines rapidly emerging, game changing and convergent technology trends and how they are and will be leveraged to change the face of healthcare and the practice of medicine in the next decade.

A deep dive into where emergent fields such as low cost personal genomics, the digitization of health records, crowd sourced data, molecular imaging, wearable devices & mobile health, synthetic biology, systems medicine, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing and regenerative medicine are transforming healthcare, and have the potential to enable clinicians, empower patients, and deliver better care and outcomes at lower cost.


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