Dr Jeff Karp on “The Good Life Project” hosted by Jonathan Fields

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Dr Jeff Karp on “The Good Life Project” hosted by Jonathan Fields

Author Dr Jeff Karp’s new book LIT was featured on 25 incredible podcasts – including “The Good Life Project” hosted by Jonathan Fields which has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top self-development podcasts globally. LIT was also featured in many articles published in Inc.com GQ The Toronto Star Fast Company GQ India BigThink Business Insider Forbes AOL and Real Simple Magazine.


Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, unable to break free from the repetitive motions of each day? What if the solution was right in front of you – waiting to be unlocked through the power of curiosity?

My guest today, Jeff Karp, knows this frustration well. As a child struggling with learning differences and ADHD, Jeff was on the verge of being held back in second grade. Yet despite his challenges, Jeff tapped into his innate curiosity to develop a set of unconventional tools and processes that allowed him to not only adapt, but flourish and accomplish stunning things in life, science, and industry.

After earning his PhD, Jeff went on to become a celebrated professor at Harvard Medical School, a distinguished chair in anesthesiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. Fueled by what he calls “Life Ignition Tools,” Jeff turned to nature for inspiration, transforming lab practices in remarkable ways.

The results? Jeff has co-founded 12 companies that have raised over $600 million, secured more than 100 patents, and received 50 awards for innovations like a tissue glue that can seal holes in a beating heart.

Now Jeff is sharing his profound lessons in his new book, LIT: Life Ignition Tools: Use Nature’s Playbook to Energize Your Brain, Spark Ideas, and Ignite Action. Jeff believes tapping into our innate curiosity holds the key to living an extraordinary life brimming with creativity, connection, and purpose.

In this conversation, Jeff and I explore the tools and mindsets that helped him overcome learning challenges and transform cutting-edge research into real-world solutions. Discover how embracing curiosity could take your life from stuck to sparked.

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