Dr Michelle Rozen Speaker – New Book!

Dr michelle rozen keynote speaker

Dr Michelle Rozen Speaker – New Book!

“It is never going to be the right time. Take the first step” – Dr Michelle Rozen

You are about to get the most amazing master key to changing your personal and professional life in the most incredible ways. You can change your life. You can change your path. You can change the choices that you make in the easiest and most powerful way. You can lead change rather than being led by the changes around you.

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You’ll find that the formula for leading change by making 2 second decisions is easy and simple, but that its impact is extraordinary. It is the formula for changing anything that hurts you, anything that doesn’t work for you, any area in your life or career you want to grow and expand. This formula will help you live, work, lead and speak up with determination and confidence. Once you use it, it will become your best kept secret for success in whatever you do.

The book is written by Dr. Michelle Rozen, America’s leading expert on the psychology of change, after decades of working with fortune 500 companies and everyday people on using the incredible power of mindful decision-making. Now these winning strategies are available to you, so that you too can use the secret formula of leading change by making quick winning choices, and get to the life that you want and deserve.

Dr Michelle Rozen – The Change Doctor – Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michelle Rozen, THE CHANGE DOCTOR, is the #1 choice of Fortune 500 companies and leading brands for a powerful motivational speaker with a strong message and strong actionable takeaways. 

As a well-respected authority on the psychology of change, Dr. Michelle is a frequent guest expert on NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX News and many more media outlets. 

Your attendees are in for an outstanding experience:

  • Mesmerizing stage presence
  • Strong, uplifting message
  • Captivating, humorous storytelling
  • Top of the line media clips
  • Powerful actionable takeaways
  • High energy, incredibly relatable 
  • Outstanding level of audience engagement 
  • Highly customized presentations

All of these alongside Dr. Michelle’s expertise, make her one of the most sought-after and impactful motivational speakers today. 

Rave reviews from top brands say it all. Give your attendees the most actionable, motivating, and uplifting experience today, more than ever!

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