Dr Steve Bedwell

motivational humorist steve bedwell

Dr Steve Bedwell

motivational humorist steve bedwell


America’s Reverse Psychologist, a Medical Doctor, and Sought-After Motivational Humorist

Speech Topics Include:

How To Screw Up, Stress Out, and Get Nothing Done

Dr. Steve Bedwell is a medical doctor with expertise in the neuroscience of perception. He teaches business audiences how to flex their Perspective Power™ –a radically different approach to success. Your attendees will learn science-based strategies rather than tired motivational clichés.

Don’t be fooled by the MD, Steve’s hilarious! Whether burning a borrowed $100 bill while discussing anxiety or demonstrating the elements of body language using attendees as teaching aids, Steve’s program is riveting, provocative and explosively funny!

Whatever your industry’s hot issues, Steve’s original strategies – all driven by Perspective Power™ – will enable your people to step back and look at their challenges from a completely different viewpoint.

You will learn the three action steps to flexing your Perspective Power™; how to solve problems, spot opportunities and make better decisions; how to dilute toxic emotions and prevent them crippling your success; and how to take action in accordance with your highest priorities and consistently achieve your goals.

After graduating from medical school, he journeyed across continents teaching and conducting research in the USA, Europe and Australia. He even found himself deep in the African jungle removing an appendix under the illumination from a car headlight! While still practicing medicine, Steve somehow found time to revisit his childhood passion for sleight of hand. His ability to get a fresh perspective on the art of magic brought him instant recognition. Steve’s innovative routines baffled the best minds in magic and, within a few short years, he earned international acclaim as a world champion magician.

After years of teaching the complexities of medicine with clarity and humor, Steve decided to focus his considerable talent and vital message, that success happens when we get a fresh perspective, towards the corporate and association markets.

How To Screw Up, Stress Out, and Get Nothing Done

To succeed, we need to understand why we sometimes fail. During his signature presentation, Dr. Steve offers an hilarious, highly interactive masterclass in missing the obvious, distressing yourself and procrastinating like a pro! Drawing inspiration from a ping-pong ball, a dead housefly and Shania Twain, Dr. Steve will make your attendees laugh harder during a business meeting than they ever thought possible.

Then, after this roller coaster ride of “grab ’em by the eyeballs” fun, your audience will learn Habit Hacking: A three step process for avoiding burnout and responding to workplace (and personal) challenges more mindfully. Simple, science-smart tactics explained in such straightforward terms that your audience can put them to work immediately; powerful and time-efficient.

How Will Your Attendees Change?

  • Your guests will learn how to shatter their psychological blind-spots, sharpen their reasoning skills and outthink the competition. (Find creative solutions and make insightful decisions in less time, with less sweat and far fewer dollars.)
  • Your audience will understand how to recognize emotional triggers, unhook from frustrating situations and stay focused, optimistic and productive under pressure. (Set an inspiring example of emotional intelligence and be admired as a natural leader.)
  • Your attendees will learn a science-smart approach for breaking bad workplace habits that doesn’t rely on willpower. (Sure-fire tools for overcoming procrastination, matching energy to task and taking unflinching, game-changing action.)


Effective, science-smart tactics explained in such straightforward terms that your attendees can put them to work immediately; powerful and time-efficient.


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