Emory Austin

Emory Austin

Speaker: Emory Austin

Authority on Leadership, Change & Customer Service


  • An Ounce Of Different (Leadership, Motivation, Team Building)
  • From She to Shining She (Motivation, Resilience, Inspiration)
  • Yours Is The Vision (Dealing Positively with Change)
  • Eat Crackers In Bed… And Sleep On The Crumbs. (Personal/Professional Excellence)
  • Is Your Bubble In The Middle? (Balance & Resilience
  • My Map Must Be Upside Down (A Playful Look at Life’s Lessons)

Emory’s captivating and entertaining programs are the perfect combination of solid expert substance, contagious warmth, and original humor. Emory is an astute businesswoman with strong entrepreneurial credentials. She will study your organization and deliver a tailored presentation that will make an ongoing and profitable difference for your attendees and your business.

She is also a former issue-based TV talk show host and an author for Simon and Schuster’s best-selling anthologies. Successful Meetings magazine calls her “one of the decade’s best!”

Austin’s focus is on the solutions necessary for success in today’s chameleon-like, constantly shifting and changing business climate. Our e-culture world is hungry for solutions that build balance between cold technology and warmer people skills. Austin’s experience with leading international minds is a driving force in her acute analysis of ways to make this happen for your organization.

Her results in leading a national management firm and her later founding of SUITE 1000, a prestigious communications corporation, catapulted her to the forefront of entrepreneurial strategy planning. Austin was the three-year host of an issue-based television show, and has been featured in best-selling Simon and Schuster anthologies by request of the publisher.

An Ounce Of Different (Leadership, Motivation, Team Building)

Here it is: the success-seeker’s definitive edge. Your own unique insights and the ways you activate them are your master keys to success. You’ll learn to build on these strengths and construct more purposeful leadership. Playing to your strengths forms an internal alliance between them, your organization and your market. Making your differences memorable and profitable as you strive for mastery and impact will protect you from copycats and piracy, and will propel you beyond your competition! When you create a planned team environment, extraordinary performance becomes a daily occurrence. Emory opens doors to “aha” solutions that everyone will grasp, discuss, and use.

From She to Shining She (Motivation, Resilience, Inspiration)

Breast Cancer. A scary diagnosis! Never anticipated. And yet . . . it happened to me. 20+ years ago. Totally unexpected. No genetic influence. But it could have been my heart . . . or some other type of cancer. At the time, a frightening nightmare that was completely unanticipated. And yet, as time has gone by, I am grateful – because I understand more fully what life and caring and support and medical research and possibility are truly all about. Breast cancer was the greatest teacher I have ever had. It, or some other life-threatening diagnosis, can be an impelling force toward uniquely enriching directions for those among us who have been struck by a hit to the solar plexus that knocks all the wind out of you. Or me.

Yours Is The Vision (Dealing Positively with Change)

“How swift flows the tide that bears you along . . . how crucial the choices you make day by day.” (from one of Emory’s poems) Change presents our most constant challenge as well as our greatest opportunity. We resist change even as we speed toward it. Learn how to compete smarter, lead smarter, work smarter . . . all while keeping up, getting ahead, keeping sanity intact, and increasing your value for a vital future! Staying up and motivated during down times is central to pushing the edge in today’s unpredictable economy. Renewed purposefulness can create a vastly different and far more profitable scenario than merely spinning your wheels on the “status quo plateau.”

Eat Crackers In Bed… And Sleep On The Crumbs. (Personal/Professional Excellence)

Warning: Getting too comfortable with today’s success is a death sentence. The comfort zone too soon becomes the deadly zone. Emory presents how to elevate your flight pattern and set higher goals, while moving beyond where you are today to meet the future’s unpredictable demands. Don’t be overcome by attitude gridlock and get stuck in a holding pattern that could become a vision killer. Learn that intelligent risk-taking adds zest and sparks the clear-sighted strategies and actions that lead to success!

Is Your Bubble In The Middle? (Balance & Resilience)

Do you ever feel like you’re standing on one leg and flailing your arms wildly just to stay upright? The responsibility for balancing success and personal happiness is yours alone. Balance and realistic self-esteem begin with insights that often come our way in those unexpected “happenstances” that affect attitude and lead to clear-eyed self-examination and stronger goal focus. Balance consists of building on strengths and finding your own special niche. Attendees will gain a new perspective on making good decisions and getting a bigger bite out of life. And . . . they’ll be smiling for months to come!

My Map Must Be Upside Down (A Playful Look at Life’s Lessons) 

Ever notice that life rarely turns out as expected? Make the odd twists on your route positive, and move forward with confidence as you re-draw your map with the pen of reality! Rethinking our route guidance system is often overlooked as we trot about layering more “stuff” on top of what is already there – forgetting to consider our own mileposts, speed limits and passing zones. Emory approaches this intriguing life-mapping exercise with strategies, humor, and attitude!

The Grass is Greener Where the Grass is Watered (Sales and Branding)

Is your “branding iron” hot? Are you effectively stamping your brand on everything you touch? In today’s global market, your closest competitors may be on the other side of the world as well as just around the corner. Every new day brings incredibly complex name recognition and selling challenges. Meet them head-on with strategies for delivering punch and impact to your sales and customer service roles. Master Emory’s creative mindset for outserving, outselling, and outbranding your competition.

Never Take Your Eye Off Your Boss (Customer Service)

Today’s hot topic – How to propel your clients and customers into absolute fidelity to you and your brand! Outserve your competition by weaving closer ties with those who vote with their dollars. Build trust, loyalty, effectiveness, appeal, and profit. Put on customer glasses; see and grasp what your clients’ highest needs actually are. Discover the mindset and develop the skills to act on every aspect of doing it right. Court your customers and they will say “I do!”

Close Encounters of the Crucial Kind (Education, Youth, Inspiration)

Those who teach and lead our youth face overwhelming challenges in helping them build a better world. How to use your skills wisely in positive and productive ways. How to light individual fires of potential and build self-esteem that makes sense. Put more fresh air and purpose into your own life and theirs. You have the power to touch the future in ways that no one else can. What an important honor! Join Emory for this inspiring celebration of workable and strength-building possibilities.


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