Erin King

female motivational speaker

Erin King

female motivational speaker

Speaker: ERIN KING

Leading Personal Energy Management Expert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of You’re Kind of a Big Deal

Speech Topics Include:

  • Unlocking Your “Big Deal” Energy

Erin King started her first two ventures, Jump Digital Media and, before the age of 30. Her third venture, Socialite Agency, was acquired in 2021 by Strikepoint (Named 2x to the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies in America” List).

Erin is now Chief Energy Officer at Strikepoint and over the course of her twenty year career has advised global brands like Disney, VISA, Adobe, MERCK, Johnson & Johnson, Mutual of Omaha, Hilton, and dozens more.

As the bestselling author of “You’re Kind of a Big Deal,” she has helped over one million ambitious achievers in over 10 countries, from Bali to Amsterdam, level up how they show up online, offline, and all the time.

She’s been featured in Forbes, among other global publications, and her podcast, “On Your Terms with Erin King, ranks in the top 1% of all downloads on iTunes.

Unlocking Your “Big Deal” Energy

Do you know what “vibe” you’re transmitting out to the world? Are you “high” or “low” energy? Do you have “good” or “bad” energy? Do you “energize” your team, your clients, your connections- or “exhaust” them?

What if your “vibe” is actually more critical to your ambition, your alignment, and your ALIVENESS than any other aspect of your personal or professional life?

In a post-pandemic, AI-assisted, lightning-speed-paced world: your vibe is your ultimate value. Your energy is your most valuable currency—it’s how the world transacts with you. And yet beyond doing the “DUH” (Diet, Unwind, Hydrate) how else are you proactively managing your energetic assets BEFORE you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or worst of all… indifferent?

Get ready to learn exactly how you can manage your energy like you manage your money- with King’s refreshing and revolutionary system.

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