Expert on the Flow Strategy- Creating Teams Who Feel Whole, Happy, and Fulfilled In Their Work – Diane Allen

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Expert on the Flow Strategy- Creating Teams Who Feel Whole, Happy, and Fulfilled In Their Work – Diane Allen

Flow Strategy – How do you create an environment where your team members WANT to bring their best to work?

Especially when they are struggling with motivation, ideation, and performance?

You teach them a Flow Strategy™ that lets them feel their best and perform their best, on demand.

Who is Diane Allen and what is Flow Strategy?

As a young Violinist I dedicated my heart and soul to becoming a professional musician. Feeling bullet-proof with my New York City violin training, I’d show up to my auditions with visions of winning the job of my dreams. Instead, my nerves would get the better part of me.

I wish I could tell you this was a one-time event. It wasn’t.

When I’d practice, go to a rehearsal, or perform in a concert, I’d automatically lose myself in the music. Getting into a peak state was as easy as turning on a light switch. But during my auditions, it escaped me.

inspirational spekaer

Unable to get the work I was qualified for; I was at a high risk of living an unfulfilled life with my music trapped inside of me.

Ten years of determined experimentation later, I discovered that by deeply focusing on my musical interpretation I’d get into the music, drop my nerves, and experience personal bests.

Turns out, my deep focus gave me access to the flow state, an optimal state of mind when we feel our best and perform our best.

I went on to become a highly sought-after violin teacher and the Concertmaster of The Central Oregon Symphony (lead violinist). So rewarding! Not only was I able to put all of my training, skills and passions to full use, but my performance went beyond what I thought I was capable of.

So, I made getting into flow a repeatable process. (TEDx/TED talk)

Today, I work with organizations in every kind of industry, teaching their people how to access the flow state on demand.

Through the three-step Flow Strategy™ system, participants learn to access the peak performance that already exists within them so they can engage deeply, be highly productive, and tap into their greatest fulfillment.

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