Frank Miles

Speaker Frank Miles Motivational Keynote Speaker

Frank Miles

Speaker Frank Miles Motivational Keynote Speaker

Speaker: Frank Miles

Juggler, acrobat, fire-eater and magician


  • Laugh at Fear

A professional variety comedian with numerous television and Las Vegas credits, keynote speaker Frank Miles died in a hang gliding accident and was revived by emergency room doctors.  True courage – he came to realize – is not facing death in daredevil pursuits.  True courage is facing life every day.

After a full recovery, Frank left one successful career and embarked on another.  Using comic monologues, juggling, music, and magic, he brought to life simple ideas that help shatter the self imposed limits of fear.

The response has been tremendous. Speaker Frank Miles is now a sought after speaker-entertainer, and his keynote presentation “Laugh at Fear!” has been honored with laughter and standing ovations from crowds as large as 15,000 people.

Laugh at Fear

With help from the audience, Frank Miles uses magic, juggling, unicycling, acrobatics, music, and even fire eating to illustrate the simple truths that can free them from self-imposed and imprisoning fears. He also demonstrates ways to confront issues of change and accompanying stress, while reminding them of what’s really important in life, and puts them on the road to achieving their goals.


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