Futurist Technology Speaker Mike Walsh – The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas

Speaker Mike Walsh Future trends and technology keynotes

Futurist Technology Speaker Mike Walsh – The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas

The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas is a collection, by Futurist Technology Speaker Mike Walsh , of the most challenging concepts facing business leaders at the dawn of the 21st century. At the intersection of emerging technologies and new patterns of human behavior, the ideas in the Dictionary have been chosen for both their potential to transform the way companies operate, and inspire new forms of thinking.



Futurist Technology Speaker Mike Walsh is a leading authority on the digital future. A dynamic keynote speaker and experienced trends analyst, Mike helps prepare business leaders for what’s next. With a combination of high impact visuals, unique consumer case studies and high definition video – Mike’s unique approach is to scan the near horizon for what’s happening right now and on its way to you. Constantly travelling the world for the best ideas, consumer innovations and disruptive technologies – Mike curates the most relevant insights into bespoke keynotes aimed at helping audiences to not only understand but also influence the future direction of their industries.

Keynote speakers on the future, technology, business trends and demographics can give your organization much needed insight into whats on the horizon and what will impact your industry. Disruptive tehcnology is the most pressing force facing many companies and association members, and having unique custom keyntoe on the future and tehcnology can uniquely position your organization to scale up at the right time in the right manner. Our speaker bureau works with a well rounded roster on futurist and technology speakers with varying fee ranges and expertise in different sub-sectors of technology.


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