Gene Marks

Speaker Gene Marks small business and economics keynote speaker

Gene Marks

Speaker Gene Marks small business and economics keynote speaker

Speaker: Gene Marks

Columnist, Author and Small Business Owner


  • How Valuable Is Your Company?
  • Economic, Political and Tech Trends
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Technology Trends
  • Sales and Marketing Technology Trends

As an outspoken weekly columnist for the New York Times, Forbes, and The Huffington Post and a frequent guest on Fox, Fox Business, MSNBC and CNBC, keynote speaker Gene Marks brings a perspective to a business audience that is unique and refreshing…and entertaining.

As a keyntoe speaker Gene Marks’ presentations are for the owner, executive and manager working in an established business that is looking forward. He (or she) isn’t thinking about next week or next month. This person is looking out over the next few years.

Gene does not just talk about the economy. He talks about how changes in the economy will affect your business and what actions you need to take to prepare. His non-partisan approach to the political scene helps his audience to understand the facts, without emotions, so they can make the right decisions for the long term. He discusses trends in technology, management themes, healthcare reform and the latest tools and services available for business executives to help grow their companies. Gene runs his own ten person consulting firm outside of Philadelphia. He is a business executive with thousands of clients and a columnist with hundreds of thousands of readers. He asks his audience: what decisions should we making now now that will affect our companies in the future?

Because if you’re not generating a sufficient number of leads today you’re not going to be able to fund your company tomorrow. If you’re not thinking all the time about ways to increase revenues and grow your business then there probably won’t be any business some day in the future. If you think that your employees are as happy and productive as they’ll ever be then this is where you’ll always be. If you’re not always wondering about ways to reduce overhead and lower your costs then someday someone is going to come along and outthink you. If you’re not managing your cash the right way today then you’ll be missing a bunch of it when you’ll one day really need it.

If you’re not keeping up with technology then you’re going to fall behind. And if you’re not keeping up with what’s going on in the world around you, the political environment and economic cycles then how will you be able to manage in the dark? What will you do when interest rises or inflation jumps? How does the Fed impact your business? How can the nation’s budget deficit potentially cripple you? What are you doing today to minimize your taxes a few years from now?

“This is why we make BIG bucks, right? We’re supposed to be navigating the ship, looking ahead, watching the horizon for potential storm clouds and reacting appropriately to ensure that we stay on course. This is the essence of my presentation.”

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