Gene Stanaland

Speaker Gene Stanaland Economics keynote speaker

Gene Stanaland

Speaker Gene Stanaland Economics keynote speaker

Speaker: Gene Stanaland

The Will Rogers of economics

Speech Topics Include:

  • The Current Economy: How We Got Here, Where We Are Going

The “Will Rogers of Economics!” That’s what Dr. and keynote speaker  Gene Stanaland has been called, because he has the ability to make a complex subject such as economics understandable and entertaining.

Dr. Stanaland is now the president of GSE. Inc., an economics and management consulting firm. For twenty years, speaker  Gene Stanaland was a member of the Economics Department at Auburn University in Alabama, and he was the head of the department for the last eight of those years. His business involvements are far reaching. Dr. Stanaland is on the board of directors of several institutions, including Computer Maintenance Professionals and Farmers National Bank.

In demand as a public speaker, Dr. Stanaland has a list of clients that reads like a “Who’s Who” in business. Some of his clients include Teledyne, General Electric, Burlington Industries, Georgia Pacific, DuPont, Kraft, and Dow Chemical. His expertise also puts him in demand at such educational institutions as the Foreign Service Institute, the University of Dallas, and Mercer University’s Executives Forum.

Speaker Gene Stanaland has served in a variety of distinguished corporate. academic and government positions and is President of his own firm, GSE, Inc. One of the most respected experts in the country, he is known as the “Will Rogers of Economics.” Dr. Stanaland makes the “dreary science” both understandable and exciting through his wit, style and common sense approach which are guaranteed to leave you laughing. He has spoken before hundreds of groups over the years and his educational and entertaining message promises to be most worthwhile.

As a keynote speaker Gene Stanaland is eminently qualified to speak on the subject of the economy. He does so with a unique twist of humor and authority. He serves on several corporate boards and heads up his own firm, GSE, Inc. He was the Head of the Department of Economics, School of Business at Auburn University from 1972 to 1980. He received his MBA and Ph.D. from Auburn’s rival school, the University of Alabama. You’ll be charmed, teased, tantalized and taught by Dr. Stanaland. His reviews are raves .

The Current Economy: How We Got Here, Where We Are Going


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