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 One of Washington DC’s Comic Monuments


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Gross National Product (GNP) is noted to be the “Capitol’s satirical gang. Always funny” by The Washington Post. Since 1980 Gross National Product have been turning “headlines into punchlines” with sketches, musical parodies, skitcoms, and audience-inspired improvs centered on national politics. World famously funny, GNP has the critics on a rave from the New York Times to The London Observer to Life magazine and The Wall Street Journal. As fast with impressions as with improvs, GNP is a “first-rate comedy feast”- The Wall Street Journal. GNP appears nationally and internationally on stage, in newsprint, and on television and radio. They have starred in five of their own national comedy specials for PBS stations nationwide and are a regular at the Smithsonian Institution’s Resident Art series. Frommer’s magazine has noted that GNP is one of Washington’s “comic monuments.” Discovery Channel recently had members appear in “Washington Scandals.”

Over the years, the titles to the shows have changed as the political seasons change from “Man Without a Contra 1989” to “A Newt World Order in 1995” to “All the President’s Women 1998” to now “Son of a Bush.” The Washington Times calls them the “fastest guns in town.”

Gross National Product Comedy Revue

Whether its two parties, (DNC and RNC of course) or just one big party, it doesn’t really matter. For years GNP has been in the business of “turning today’s headlines into tonight’s belly laughs” –Washington Post. Since 1980 GNP has lampooning snoops, creeps, the Congress, Prez & Veer as GNP’s fast-paced take on current events and social satire is guaranteed to have you and your colleagues laughing on both sides of the aisle. GNP is completely bi-partisan, customized, and high-octane entertainment for groups of all shapes and sizes. GNP delivers “sharp impersonations” says The Los Angeles Times, “the city’s most popular company of satirists who have been a favorite among those inside and outside the beltway”. GNP has been seen both nationally and internationally on news and has turned evenings into a political laugh-slide. Even President Clinton got into the act: “You guys are great . . . amazing.” GNP will work with your company to customize the event for a truly memorable evening . . . Let’s do some funny business!

New! MotiFAKEtional Speakers®

You’ve invited some of the top speakers to motivate you at your special event, now let one of corporate America’s top comedy attractions motifake you with their hilarious send-up of the self-help and motivational speaker industry. GNP’s razor-sharp parody utilizes audience inspired improvisation, music, sketches & customized material. ABOUT THE “Speakers”: Ellen Perry McPherson-Root-Robbins-Hayes Ellen is the proud mother of four and is a four-time divorcee. She’s the best selling author of, “My Way or No Way!,” “To Be You, You Must Be Me,” “Nurturing Your Inner Me,” and the children’s self-help guide, “Shut Up or I’ll Really Give You Something to Cry About.” Ellen is the founder and director of Ellen Perry’s Ashram & Past Life Regression Center in San Francisco, CA. Wayne Allyn Robbins Wayne is the founder of the Wayne Allyn Robbins Foundation and Realignment Center, the host of the Robbins Group: A Panel Discussion For Winners, and best-selling author of “Unlimited Publicity,” “Stomp the Dwarf Inside,” and “I’m Okay, You’re Okay, But I’m Rich.” Wayne lives on a sprawling 1.2 acre MotiFAKEtional® dude-ranch he founded in 1981, near Santa Fe, NM. Wayne & Ellen fell in love with themselves…and then with each other at an EST empowerment seminar. They were later married at Machu Picchu during the Harmonic Convergence. Although their marriage lasted only a few short weeks, they went on to become co-creators of the radically successful and lucrative seminar that’s sweeping the nation.

Customized Stage Shows

Need a lot of laughs? Or just enough chuckles to get past that last meeting? GNP’s 90- minute comedy revue can be tailored with sketches, improvs, and political impersonators matched to your entertainment program and budget needs. GNP’s fast-paced spoof of the Administration and Congress amuses groups of all shapes and sizes nationwide.

Political and News Impersonators

Can’t get the real one? Let one of our presidents roast your company president, CEO, or meeting attendees with a customized appearance by George W, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Hillary! They’re all here, right down to Staffers and Secret Service. Or have your favorite news personality make a surprise visit. For a less expensive alternative, GNP’s “Unofficial Debate” is an interactive 30-minute political duel, complete with candidates & news impostors.

Scandal Tours

Lies, theft, obstruction of Justice and that’s just the Senate! Hop aboard Scandal Tours® for a witty and irreverent guided tour of the sites that have made Washington the scandal capital of the world. Perfect for groups who want to see what the Wall Street Journal calls “a comedy feast.” Scandal Tours is hosted by GNP actors who highlight the lowlifes in this hysterical and historical tour. USA Today calls the tour “hilarious” and as ABC World News once quipped, “it’s a worm’s –eye view of Washington”.


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