Heritage and History Months Speakers

Heritage and History Months Speakers

Inclusivity as at the forefront in corporations, associations, educational institutions.  There is nothing better than celebrating these months with a great story-teller and keynote speaker, making the occasion a special group celebration.  The Collaborative Agency Group Speakers bureau works with some of the best Heritage and History Months Speakers out there.

May Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Derald Wing Sue

Derald Wing Sue Speaker

For Dr. and speaker Derald Wing Sue, the son of parents who emigrated from China, early childhood experiences of being teased about his ethnicity led to his fascination with human behavior. He is now one of the most prominent voices in cross-cultural studies. His work focuses on multicultural counseling and diversity training.

September National Hispanic Heritage Month

Mariana Atencio

mariana atencio speaker bureau

Latina Journalist, Author and founder of GoLike, Mariana Atencio Delves deep into her own immigrant story, Mariana went on to write “Perfectly You” –her best-selling memoir– which was selected by Audible and AppleBooks as a must read. She crafts every keynote to create an experience for each client, whether it’s virtually or in-person.

October LGBT History Month

Greg Louganis

GREG LOUGANIS speaker Olympic Diver and Author
Greg Louganis

The winner of five Olympic medals, Greg Louganis is the world’s most successful diver and among the most high-profile openly gay athletes. In 1993, Louganis starred as a chorus boy who dies of AIDS in the Off Broadway play “Jeffrey.” He came out and disclosed his HIV-positive status at the 1994 Gay Games in New York. Louganis’s best-selling autobiography, “Breaking the Surface” (1995), recounts his experiences as an openly gay athlete.

November National Native American Heritage Month

Gyasi Ross

native american speaker

Gyasi is an advocate for Native peoples in the fields of law, education, activism, literature and filmmaking. He has the unique ability to get people talking to one another, by presenting issues and topics in his signature forthright style, or by having the strength of character and intelligence to ask the difficult questions our Native nations need to be considering.

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