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Jason Alexander

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Take your self-help books and throw them away. Fire your therapist. Cancel your counselor. Stop calling the radio psychologists and watching the television pundits. You’ve heard of Anthony Robbins? Deepak Chopra? Dr. Phil? Dr. Laura? IDIOTS!!!

There is only one life coach and motivational master that can change your life in one, single session – even if it kills him. Meet Donny Clay – the 4th leading motivational speaker in the world according to research conducted by his own staff at the world famous Feats of Clay Institute and verified by the Society for Human Motivational Understanding and Knowledge (SHMUK). Clay’s world famous seminars are uproarious evenings of comedy, music, self-help and partial nudity – all combined to leave you laughing as you discover the YOU inside of You.

Clay is the author of the fictitious books, Do It – the hugely successful sequel, Keep Doing It and the international best seller, Why the Hell Didn’t You Do It? He has counseled titans of industry, Hollywood celebrities and leaders from around the world.

Clay will show you the tools to create a new image to the world; increase your personal fortune; attract the opposite sex; create meaningful relationships; improve your health; and overcome your greatest fears and the obstacles that keep you from total success.

Clay is the creation of actor/director/producer, Jason Alexander, star of the Broadway stage, motion pictures and most notably – the award-winning actor who played George Costanza on TV’s greatest situation comedy, Seinfeld.

The show is an interactive, partially improvised comedy romp where the audience is also the star of the show. Jason/Donny employs song, video, and hilarious moments that will inspire everyone into having one of the most memorable evenings ever. A mix of comedy/theater and some actual life-enhancing thinking – Jason/Donny will have you rolling in the aisles and jumping to your feet.

Aside from his world-wide notoriety as “George,” Jason Alexander is a Tony Award-winning musical actor; a noted film, television and stage director; a children’s book author; a film and TV producer; an award-winning magician; a lauded political pundit; a noted poker player and highly sought teacher of acting. He received a BFA and honorary doctorate from Boston University. He is the Artistic Director of the Reprise Theater Company in Los Angeles.

A Conversation with Jason Alexander


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